Taste changed

Hi there Huel-Community,

I am having problems with the taste of my latest order from the end of september ´17.
My Father and I use Huel Vanilla for a couple of months now and we were really satisfied with it.
But since you made those recent changes to v2.2 the taste got awful. Almost fishy and bitter at the end.
I was asked from Huel-Germany to send them my 2 opened and 2 unopened packages ( at my expense…) so they can test them.
They told me, everything is ok with Huel, that the change of the formula may be responsible for the different taste and they will refund me the 2 sealed ones.
So what now?
I dont weep over the lost money for those 2 opened Packages and the DHL-fee, but over the loss of Huel.
I can not use it anymore because of those changes. :frowning:

Does anyone of you have the same experiences?
Is there a possibility to get some of the original V2.2 before the recent changes regarding calcium, etc.?
Is it only Vanilla that is affected by this formula changes or the “pure one” too?

thx and with best regards