NEW Huel Essential Powder for just £1 a meal!

Our most affordable meal yet.

Life is complicated, especially when you have your health and wallet to keep in check. Our new nutritionally complete meal Huel Essential makes life easier. For just £1 – you heard that right Hueligans per 400kcal, here’s what you can expect:

You can find some more differences between Huel Essential and Powder v3.0 below.

Essential Powder v3.0
20g plant-based protein 30g plant-based protein
:heavy_check_mark: 26 essential vitamins & minerals :heavy_check_mark: 26 essential vitamins & minerals
:heavy_check_mark: Omega-3 & -6 :heavy_check_mark: Omega-3 & -6
:heavy_check_mark: Low sugar :heavy_check_mark: Low sugar
:heavy_check_mark: High fibre :heavy_check_mark: High fibre
£1.00 per 400kcal meal £1.51 per 400kcal meal
2 flavours 10 flavours
56% carbs; 20% fat; 20% protein; 4% fibre 37% carbs; 30% fat; 30% protein; 3% fibre
:x:Medium-Chain Triglyceride :heavy_check_mark:Medium-Chain Triglyceride
:x:Acerola Cherry Powder :heavy_check_mark:Acerola Cherry Powder
:x:Kombucha Powder :heavy_check_mark:Kombucha Powder
:x:Bacillus Coagulans (probiotics) :heavy_check_mark:Bacillus Coagulans (probiotics)
2.25kg pouch 1.70kg pouch

If you have any questions let us know! You can get yours here!


This is great. Is the essential powder still low fodmap for IBS?


This is exactly what I want, and something I wasn’t expecting Huel to do. I only buy basic Vanilla powder these days so this can be a straight swap (but I’ll try the choc too, in case it’s not bobbins like the regular powder). Dan, please personally kiss everyone in the office for me. Nothing sexy, just a peck on top of the head like you’d do to a baby or a short grandma.

I’m interested in the :x: compromises you’ve had to make to get the price down. Lower fat/protein is an obvious downgrade but one I can live with. Do we lose out on much with the other stuff, or have they always been fancy extras for Lords and Ladies?


Big thanks from me too :+1: My digestive system doesn’t get along with v3.0 powder so hopefully this will be better for me


Does anyone know which ingredients in the new Essentials range contains the gluten? As a Coeliac this really SUCKS! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Congratulations :slight_smile:
I noticed this doesn’t come with a t-shirt - is this only for this link, or will you be stopping the Ts across all lines eventually?

There’s no discount for making bulk orders. While I always make bulk orders to get the discount, I’m alright with this change. The people with the least money are the ones least able to make large orders, so it always felt unfair.


If it’s anything like the v3.0 powder then no ingredient contains gluten, but because it’s not made with GF certified oats they can’t guarantee they haven’t been cross-contaminated at source or in the factory when the same equipment has also handled gluten containing ingredients like wheat.

Best to wait for Dan to confirm/tell me I’m talking tosh, but at least with v3.0 powder if there is any gluten present it will be in trace amounts, so depending on how sensitive you are to gluten, you may be OK with this or the regular v3.0 powder. My girlfriend is Coeliac but if we keep normal and GF biscuits in the same tin it isn’t an issue for her.

I worked with a bloke once who told me he couldn’t do overtime at the weekend because he couldn’t afford the petrol to come in. I’ll let you untangle that logic.

Could be, but the Essential store page says NOTE: CONTAINS GLUTEN YOU WILL DIE, and the v3.0 page doesn’t mention it.

He syphons petrol out of his neighbour’s car, but they’d gone away for the weekend.

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That’s perfect for my pre-workout drink in the morning! More carbs (hopefully the same quality of carbs as Huel v3.0) mean more energy, and I can easily add up a bit of protein with half a scoop of protein in the mix!
It is unfortunate how there will be only two flavours, and not a neutral (original, u&u) one.

Wow I’m really happy with this! I’ll definitely be trying some once my current order is finished. (Unfortunately it’s not long ago I made a big order). That’s fantastic value though!

Yes it is!

Me in the office tomorrow
giphy (3)

The other stuff isn’t essential (pardon the pun), Huel Essential is a stripped back version of our powder focussing on price.

@Coup answered this really well, it’s the oats that mean Essential isn’t gluten-free, we can’t guarantee it’s trace amounts as it’s not something that is monitored and controlled with with Huel Powder v3.0 Gluten-Free.

The t-shirt isn’t essential (pun not pardoned this time) so the Huel Essential starter kit includes the Shaker, Scoops and Starter Booklet which helps keep the price low. The t-shirt will still be included in the other product lines.

I understand your disappointment Luca but a range of flavours isn’t essential (I’ll see myself out at this point) and keeping the range small helps with costs.


Thanks for your reply. I’ve just tracked this statement down from the Huel site…
“Coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis - the oats in Huel Essential are not gluten-free, so we suggest caution. Also, Huel Essential is not suitable for individuals with very sensitive gluten intolerance”. So that answers my original question.
As to your placing GF biscuits in the same tin as non-GF biscuits; I’m fairly certain the folk from Coeliac.UK would be having kittens and spitting feathers over such an action! But as long as your lady friend is willing to take that risk then all’s well.

Might be better if the store says “may contain trace amounts of gluten” rather than “contains gluten”. Don’t promise me gluten and fail to deliver!


WOOOOW you heard us!!! I will analyse it deeply, but so far it seems great!!!

Ouch… Sucralose… Thats a no go for me :frowning: Any plan for U/U of that version?

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Well, not really. Your original question was what ingredients contain gluten, and you’ve sort of passed by the reply I gave earlier. The answer is none of them do. Pure, uncontaminated oats do not contain gluten. They may though contain trace amounts of gluten if they are then transported on a conveyor belt which has previously transported wheat and was not cleaned down first. This is where the warning comes from, and it’s there to protect Huel as much as to protect the consumer. Whether trace amounts of gluten are an issue to you depends on how sensitive your Coeliac condition is. My GF has no issue with trace amounts. A crumb from a regular biscuit is not going to send her to the toilet but if she ate a couple of regular biscuits then it probably would. She’s also had a 320kcal v3.0 powder shake before and felt fine.

So it boils down to if you are very sensitive to gluten then this or v3.0 isn’t suitable but if you aren’t sensitive to potential tiny (trace) amounts then it would likely be fine. Sorry if it seems like I am labouring the point, I just wanted to make sure you understood fully so you didn’t disregard a product you are interested in unless you have to.

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It’s probably the only labour you’ve done in your life


Sure, but what’s more essential than the original, or the u&u? :smiley:

This is fantastic news! …really looking forward to trying Essential.

Hope it leads to loads more Hueligans.

ps one question: is there a reason the maximum order is 6 bags? My sub is every 8 weeks, to cut down on transport impacts and delivery hassles. Having to order more often will obvs cost more and increase the road miles. :thinking:??