Panic! Almost out of Huel

I just can’t even with this situ. I’m down to the last of my Huel having gone 100% for two weeks. My next order is the end of this week (pay day). How fast does it arrive?

Also, what am I going to do!!?? I can’t go back to food when I’ve just got this nailed. I’ve upped my next order. Any recommendations? Help. I’ll maybe just eat 10 boiled eggs a day.
Maybe a homemade oat style meal replacement recipe?

More context on what you’re trying to achieve? :slight_smile:

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Raw fruit and veg? Salads? Nuts?

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Where are you? Maybe someone local could sub you a bag to tide you over…


I’ve been Huelling every meal. I have bipolar and struggle with food is one of my things. Well like a lot of people I guess but I can sit there hungry for days and look at the kitchen but can’t actually make anything or have no desire but need fuel so eat easy crap. My boyfriend usually ends up making food when he’s around. This has been a massive game changer for me so I’m a bit traumatised to have run out. I only ordered two bags in case it’s something I impulse buy and never use. Upped my next order to three bags. I’m hoping that’s enough!

I’m slumming it on vegan protein powder now, just nowhere near the same quality.

Nearest I found is London and I’m 40 mins away by train.

I got some Vega powder (chocolate flavour) once when I ran out of Huel. Still trying to finish it (a little at a time occasionally, mixed with Berry Huel), but it’s nothing like Huel - not really a satisfying meal.

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I don’t think anything can beat Huel!

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Sorry, I meant if you could say which town you’re in there could be someone nearby who could help.

Although I’m too far away to help, I’d be willing to help out anyone in the Neath SA11 area…

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Thanks! I should get my order on Monday. Hooray!