My order of order of U/U and Berry lead to 100%-ish huel challenge

I recieved my order of huel berry and U/U on Friday and I love the Berry powder, its just like drinking a milkshake, esp if its real cold. I also surpricingly really like the U/U, (even with nothing added), just loving the fact that I can now enjoy warm savory huel for dinner.

My eldest son agrees and now wants to try 14 days on 100% huel. Even the youngest one might wanna join in (not on 100% but some of the meals). This will might lead into a lack of shaker pickle, but Im sure I’ll come up with something.

14 days on 100% huel for two is more than my current stash of huel can provide, as by my calculations we will go trough about 6-8 bags.
Next monday we’ll start - should be enough time to place a new order and have it arrive before we run out.

Rules are simple - each meal must consist of huel, but we are alowed to add to it to make smooties and warm porrige-like meals. And to bake and cook with it. (Already thinking about pancages and muffins)
Last ‘rule’ is that I’m not the one that gives up (I hope I’m that stubborn), but if he is, I’m allowed to throw in the towel too.

Anyone wanna join?


Good luck with your challenge! Just make sure you’re not suddenly going cold turkey on other foods without a decent transition period (im not sure how long you and your son have been Huelling for, or at what percentage of your daily meals). Just a friendly reminder :slightly_smiling_face: big sudden changes in your diet can really mess up your gut… something to do with gut flora apparently?

Thanks for the headsup. We have been easing our way in over a couple of months however, and have done a few 100% days to test, so hopefully our gut can handle the challenge :see_no_evil:

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First day done, no trouble at all

Breakfast smoothie - vanilla Huel (1.5 scoops) with skyr spinach and ginger

Lunch - 2 scoops berry Huel with 50g blueberry and half water and almond milk - sooo good it’s dangerous

Dinner warm 90g U/U Huel with spinach curry and stock cube

Son is struggling some with getting down his 20 scoops - he is short 6 still - but that’s just because he haven’t tasted my lunch milkshake I bet

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20 scoops ???
That’s quite a big shaker he has !!

For me it’s 2 scoops in 300ml of water …
So 20 scoops is 3 litres of huel (and 3000 calories ??)

Lol Yes, he find it quite difficult carry it around…
No, its the 3000 cals throughout the day, he is very active in sports and have trouble eating enough.
The very reason we found Huel is because I was searching for something to help him getting his calories in a healthy and easy way

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Yep there’s plenty of people on here using it as a healthy way to eat more while being active. @GTIPuG and @Stole_My_Sweetroll spring to mind.

Good luck to you and your son and keep us updated!

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Day two
Still no problem, but Im starting to crave bread

Breakfast - same Huel spinach smootie as yesterday

Lunch - two scoops berry huel- still good but not as awesome as my lunch yesterday, I’m tempted to buy a blender for work :grimacing:

Snack - 1 scoop coffee huel w choc peanutbutter flav drops - couldnt really taste them, other than the coffee taste was stronger than usual

Dinner - warm tomato soup huel (1 cup tomato soup powder and two scoops U/U) - this was bad and not something I’ll try again :see_no_evil:

The son managed to get all his 20 scoops down today :smiley:

Thank you
I do hope that huel will be a great supplement for him. Ive said that if he starts resend huel as part of this 100% challenge that we have to stop

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If you’re looking for a tomato soup recipe we made one here for Halloween last year which went down a treat :slight_smile:

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Thank you - I must try that once the challenge is over (our meals must consist monstly of huel, and I’m sure he’d render that recipe borderline cheating) it looks delicious :yum:

Day 3
Still ok easy, although I’m feeling somewhat hungry at the same time as feeling quite full - confused? So am I :grin:

Breakfast - spinach coffee huel smoothie

Lunch - berry huel

Dinner - warm U/U and curry huel. Was good but would’ve been awesome with some bread :grimacing:

Son is also hanging in there, but he didn’t finish all his scoops today, about 3 scoops short

Day 4
Still craving bread - but still only huel. I’m feeling like I might be getting sick and if that’s the case I’m not sure 100% huel is the way to go. Crossing my fingers that I feel better tomorrow

Breakfast - spinach berry huel blueberry smoothie (tasty but looked like tarmac)

Lunch - berry huel

Snack - berry huel with almond milk and blueberry (very delicious)

Dinner - nothing, feeling sick so just water

Son is hanging in too, no trouble but he has also begun talking about missing bread (guess it runs in the family)

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Love reading your updates!

Perhaps he could try making his Huel with coconut milk? Really high calories, would probably help him with hitting his calorie targets! (And also tastes AMAZING)

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My gosh, if only I had trouble putting away 3000 calories!

If your son isn’t vegan you can make an absolutely beautiful 1100 calorie Huel with a 1L container.

200g Huel
300ml whole milk
One scoop of whey

Super creamy milkshake, but I’d recommend a Nutri Ninja for optimum results.

I got sick and skip the challenge, which also lead the son to skip it. Maybe another time - we are still both loving huel

I’ve suggested various options for him, but he want the real easy solution with just water (and when in school it makes sense). I have blended a few potions up for him, but mostly the warm ones, might try to make him interested in how the blender works :joy:
And no, not vegan nor vegetarian, we are just trying to be more environmentally aware and don’t eat too much meat