Shipping and COVID-19

With the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic affecting people worldwide, we have put together some answers you might have regarding how this could affect your Huel delivery.

Here’s a quick update with more detail in the linked article below. The information in this article is the most up-to-date and will be continually updated in response to changes. So, it is unlikely that we will be able to provide you with any more information than what you’ll find below if you contact us directly. Of course we are always here to help you with any other queries!


Deliveries to all countries are still happening, but due to a mix of increased demand and stricter border controls there are delays which vary from country to country.

Up-to-date information on region specific delivery timelines is provided in the article linked above and in various places on the website including:

  • Product pages
  • Contact us page
  • FAQs
  • Delivery information page


While we have seen increased demand for Huel we are in a good position for stock.

You might see some flavours or products becoming temporarily unavailable. We are doing this to manage the stock and ensure that existing subscribers receive their orders, while we focus on keeping our core products available.

There is no need to stockpile Huel.

Contacting us

We are currently experiencing a high number of customer contacts and we kindly ask that you remain patient during this busy period. If you have already contacted us, we advise you not to resend your email as this will only cause further delays and longer response times.



Two questions:

1. Would it be possible to update what your website says about delivery times in the UK?

It currently says 3-4 days, but I believe this to be inaccurate as I ordered on the 17th, meaning I’ve been waiting 9 working days (12 days in total). If I know to expect a 10-14 day wait, I’d be much more relaxed about waiting. At the moment I am concerned that my order has been lost in your system.

2. Would you consider a prioritisation system for ID verified (a) NHS workers and (b) Key workers that play a supporting role?

I fit into the latter category and am part of the Government’s COVID-19 response. I do not get to leave my desk much at the moment and when I am able to go out the shelves are still threadbare (but improving, I’ve noticed that eggs are starting to reappear on the shelves!). I’m not complaining as I know that NHS staff on the frontline have it much worse - but if my Huel order ever turns up it will allow me to work more efficiently (i.e. never leave my desk…) and by extension help others.


Hi @Akiiiii,

The 3-4 days is actually the current lead time. I’m not sure how or how it wasn’t picked up, but your order failed to integrate to our shipping partner. I can only apologise, as you have been waiting far longer than you should have been. You will have just seen a new order been placed at zero value. The fastest way for me to get the order into the system was to duplicate you order, so I’ve done that. Your order will be dispatched today or tomorrow as I’ve tried to push it up the system. Again, I’m sorry this wasn’t picked up, and I will follow this up to avoid it happening again. There are alerts in place, but it seems your order wasn’t flagged, I can only assume due to the recent volume.

Regarding the NHS and key workers, I totally agree. I know members of the team are trying to find a solution, because Huel can help a lot of people, but its more technical wizardry on the backend than my knowledge of orders being put into boxes! I will pass your comments on, but I hope we’ll have a solution soon.

Kind Regards,

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Hi Gulliver,

Thank you for your quick response - I’ve received the notification in my inbox. Impressive speed!

And yes, I agree on the second point. Not just for the current pandemic, but going forward - sadly, I doubt that this will be the last crisis that we face and supply and systems must improve. I will be pushing this internally to the relevant colleagues.

Akiiiii might’ve had the same glitch as me. Isobel fixed mine similarly quickly when I reported it. I noticed that if I logged into Huel, on the Subscriptions page, Renewal Date showed as ‘Invalid Date’ while I had this glitch. Don’t have a screenshot but I think it was here:

whereas the date showed correctly on /account#/ and account#/upcoming.

Saying this as it might be helpful for others to identify if they’ve got this glitch, and if we’re really lucky will be of some use in squashing it!

Hi @GulliverOfficialHuel – could my order be affected by the same issue? I placed an order on 21st March – it stayed as an ‘upcoming order’ for ages, but now on the website it shows as despatched. My card was charged several days ago, but I haven’t had a DPD despatch notification (and my order hasn’t arrived, despite other friends placing and receiving orders subsequently). I dropped Huel Customer Service an email on Thursday, but (for understandable reasons) haven’t yet heard back.

If the lead time really is only 3-4 days now, might my order have gone into the same black hole?


Aha! I’ve now had a DPD notification – it looks like my order was collected from Huel Towers on Friday, and they’re delivering to me today. Hurrah!