Corona and Huel

Hi guys, my partner and I, went through the nightmares of this virus these past weeks. We’re both fine now, and I must say that during the worst days when you didn’t even want to hear to word food, huel was the only thing that our bodies accepted.
Thank you!


So sorry you had to go through that and I’m glad you’ve both recovered! Huel was the only food I could swallow when I had tonsillitis. Imagine the only thing you’re able to eat just happens to be the most nutritious meal available to you! It’s a wonder these guys haven’t received an award for outstanding contribution to medicine


How did a topic praising Huel during times of sickness turn so hostile?
I don’t understand the argument here. Claudiu wrote that he/she suffered quite a bit because of the infection and the response is a sarcastic ‘oh you didn’t die? How come?’. Utterly disrespectful towards the author in my opinion.


I’m sorry for fighting in your thread, Claudiu. Welcome to the forum. I’m glad you and your partner recovered.


Yeah I have heard many say they couldn’t eat any food whilst suffering with this virus. Glad you had your Huel to keep you going. I’m sure the body appreciated the nutrients during that time!


Good nutrition is integral to overall wellness. Glad you’re both recovered.


Welcome Claudiu. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re gone through what we are all fearing at the moment. Well done on coming out the other side and I’m glad Huel could help in some small way. Thank you for putting your faith in us!


Am I missing something?

One person put up an inappropriate/offensive reply to the OP about surviving the virus, it escalated between two people (not the OP), the person writing the offensive posts would write something then request it be deleted so they are gone now (plus I am sure team Huel would have deleted them as they started to get flagged)

Nothing to do with the OP and it was horrible to see up here.


Thanks for the info, since all the replies after mine got deleted I thought maybe it was something I had said! Stay safe all

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