Using Huel with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ Chronic Illness

I loved the Huel concept when I first read about it because it´s a perfect solution for me. I suffer from CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and chronic migraine and I don´t have any energy to cook because of ilness. That is no good and especially not when I am ill.

I had a bit of a bumpy start with Huel but now things look much better. I started out with the glutenfree Vanilla New version. But I had a bad reaction to sucralose. So I gave the Huel Vanilla to a friend and bought some glutenfree U/U Huel- and some flavour boosters. For the last week I have had Huel with pinaple and coconut for breakfast and it is so nice. It taste nice and it seem alot easier for me to eat my huel breakfast than other breakfast options. I love it. I love that I get proper nutrition, that it is very easy and convenient. It is good for the environment og for our planet. And I´m looking forward to expanding to different flavours.

I think I just want to share my story and why I use Huel. Us Huel-ers come in many variations. :grinning:


@suseline I found you when searching for CFS/ ME, I also suffer with this. How are you getting on? Still on the Huel? Would be great to hear if it made a difference