Huel tummy upset and autoimmune problems


So… I started my Huel Journey because I have multiple allergies, intolerences, chronic fatigue, mast cell disease, a bowel condition and a chronic anaphlaptic! Quite a list lol

Basically eating has been a nightmare for me I’m on countless meds and found it hard to keep my daily symptoms and weight under control - swelling, hives etc despite a low histmaine diet

I found Huel on Facebook and bought the Vanilla gluten free version after going through the ingredients with a fine toothcomb. I have to say Huel is a gamechanger for me!! There is nothing in it that I cannot tolerate at all, it tastes amazing, its super easy to track my macros and I feel great! By day 2 my daily hives have stopped ( I’m only on day 3 95% Huel plus a bit of fruit/egg)

My question is this… I woke up this morning with a headache and tummy upset…is this usual? I’m assuming by body is adjusting to it? Thanks in advance!

And Huel, thank you for creating such a gamechanging product :kissing_closed_eyes:


Some people don’t have any issues but it’s not uncommon for the gut to take a few days to adjust to a radically different diet.

Normally one would replace one meal a day, then after a few days replace another meal but you’ve gone right in at 95%.

It should clear up in a few days. If you still have problems then pop back.

Let us know how you go.

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Thats great, thank you :smiley:

Hi Sarah,

Huey for me has fixed every problem I’ve ever had, from low mood, serious chronic fatigue for over 3 years, brain fog etc. The body does well when it has all essential micro and macro nutrients. Any deficiency leads to chronic illness. Get outside, earth with barefoot walking, experiential yoga, and tune in to the subtleties your body is telling you. And of course eat and drink Huel. As much as you need to restore the balance and enable self repair mode. Then the OS will reboot whilst you sleep and you’ll feel on top of the world. Literally!!

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Hey Lewis,

WOW that’s incredible :smile:

I will keep going, it’s already been a game changer for me and I’m certainly not gonna stop now lol Thanks for the info and suggestions. How long have you been a Hueler now for?

I tried it a while when I felt deprived of nutrients but only sampled it. Now I’m on it 100% and never felt so good. I don’t calculate my calorific intake but I mix unsweetened with vanilla for the optimum. I’m going to try Gluten Free next as my gut it sensitive to it but will wait for it to fully adjust first.

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Hi Lewis,

Thanks for the info,that’s fab! I’m currently 95% and working up too 100 :smiley: I feel pretty good already though, it’s been a real game changer!

Exactly. Your body is adjusting. Headache and stomach discomfort will disappear in a few days.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

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That’s great.

If you manage to overcome the tummy upset please let me know, as that is what caused me to give up Huel.


My tummy upset settled the next day, I use the gluten free version have you tried that one?

Yes, tried the normal first.

Then had a break, then switched to the gluten free.

I think the problem is it really bungs me up and I get constipated and then have the bad wind!

Could be the extra protein?


Def would be the protein if your not used to high protein :blush:

That’s a shame. Doesn’t seem to be a way to reduce the protein levels!

Sorry, I meant to add your body will get used to it in my experience :blush: