Huel and hives (urticaria)

Just at the beginning of my Huel journey (second day in) was wondering if anyone has had any succcess in using Huel and reducing their urticaria (hives)?

I suffer from a pretty unusual condition known as cholinergic urticaria - essentially its an autoimmune disease that means you get horrible itching and rash whenever your body temperature rises (excercise being the main one, but just about anything else can trigger it off: being in a warm room, laughing, coughing, being embarassed, nervous, stress etc.). In short its a bit of a pain in the ass.

Not loads is known about it, but other sufferers seem to have reported success in improving their diet - specifically reducing gluten, lactose and histamine.

Hence I’ve ended up at Huel as it ticks all three boxes!

Would be really interested to know if there’s anyone else out there in a similar boat and how you’ve found Huel ?

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Hi Honeymonster. I can’t be of any help but I do feel for you. I hope the Huel will help.

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I periodically suffer from prurient urticaria of unknown causes, but it is v debilitating so I really feel for you. I haven’t experienced it since using Huel, and I’m very interested in your thoughts and will keep an eye on my symptoms. Thanks for raising this, and good luck xx

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Hello - I wonder if you are still here? I hope you found that huel helped with your condition. I suffer from it too, and am wondering if it is worth trying 100% huel for a while.

Really hope that Huel works for you, please do let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

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