Skin rash

Hi there everyone,

I started using Huel last October (V2.3 vanilla) for breakfast every day with a 3 scoops to 500ml water, mostly with a flavour boost and/or frozen fruits sometimes on its own.

Around that time I started getting a nasty looking rash on my legs and it has persisted ever since, coming and going at random it seems. The rash isn’t itchy and it doesn’t hurt it just looks bad and it’s annoying.

I’m trying to rule out that it might be the Huel. I started various new things around that time including taking vitamin D tablets, exercising more and some new clothes.

Now I’ve stopped taking the Viatmin D, went back to old clothes and regrettably haven’t been exercising as much and the rash still kept on coming and going.

So I stopped the Huel too and still the rash has persisted so far after 4 weeks of none of the things above.

Just wondering if anyone else has had anything similar and whether it might be the Huel as I’m stuck now.

I’ve been to the doctors and they’ve fobbed me off with various creams that have no effect. I’ve gone for blood tests but no results yet. The doctors seem to think it’s some form of vasculitic rash.

It’s a mystery so far but I hope it’s not Huel related as it really suits my lifestyle as a good quick nutritional breakfast!


PS here are some pics of the rash as an example…


Ouch! I’m not a medical professional but sounds autoimmune to me, I wouldnt say Huel related at all. Can you go private to an Immunologist? The blood tests will hopefully show something x

It would be good if it wasn’t Huel! I’ll mention autoimmune to the doctors and see what they say and see if the blood tests have come across anything odd.

I could look into the private options and see if that’s better, thanks for the suggestion.


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I’m convinced it isnt Huel, I had autoimmune problems for years and anything I reacted to with hives would always give me hives, the fact that it comes and goes makes me think its something else. I would def push for them to find out or go private if the tests come back clean.

Test came back clean so apparently it’s not coming from anything I’m eating and it’s not anything autoimmune so the doctor says. So next stop is dermatology and I’m back on the Huel!

Thanks for trying to help though


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To be blunt, are you a little on the fat side?

I’m just wondering if it’s poor circulation, kind of like blood failing to return from your legs?

Has it come about since the weather got hot?

Edit: this is what I’m getting at

Blunt is best! I’m actually reasonably athletically built with an active job and try to exercise as much as possible.

The rash actually started back in October last year going into winter but it does seem to flare up with heat. It seems to come up most when I’ve had a tough day running around at work getting hot.

That article is interesting though as it would make sense. I’m going to have more of a read into it and see.

Thanks for showing me that



That’s even more interesting! Keep us informed :grin:

I have what is called an Atopic dermatitis. This can be from a lot of things, but for me it comes from being wet. So for example, if I sweat a lot I quite easily get a rash. If I do the dishes without plastic gloves, my fingers will get a rash. This came for me when I was 21 so it can show up later in life.

As you can see on the picture in the next post, this is how I look after having an area wet for too long. I had my feet in the pool for like an hour last week, and now my foot looks like this.

If they give you a level 2 steroid cream that should clear that up for you :slight_smile:

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My picture didn’t seem to want to show up, let’s try again 1532024070755533016683613188242

Hi I’m messaging on behalf of my mum. She was drinking 1 shake per day for breakfast and developed a rash too.

It all started at v2.3 and around the same time as you.

Did you find out what caused it?

Hi Manish

That’s interesting she’s finding the same thing.

The blood tests came back clear for me and the doctor said it’s unlikely to be anything I’m eating. I’m back on the Huel now. The rash still keeps coming.

I have a dermatologist appointment in a few months so we’ll see what they say.


Hi Alimoore
I came across this post.
I started to drink the vanilla flavour Huel last November time.
I have been really ill since December. On the 1st of December I started having a rash on my lower legs and feet.
It looked like yours. It wasn’t particularly itchy but became painful and burning and joint pain.
I went to several different doctors and was told many different things.
I finally decided to go to a private dermatologist. She carried out a biopsy which confirmed small vessel vasculitis.
This is a serious condition which can have long term effects. My blood vessels are now damaged.
All my bloods came back clear and it wasn’t until I had the biopsy that a diagnosis could be confirmed.