Huel and Psoriasis

Hello everyone

I’ve been using Gluten Free Vanilla and sweetened Huel for the last couple of months. Recently I started on V2.3 (which I don’t like as much).

In the last week or so, I’ve noticed my psoriasis has taken a turn for the worse (it’s been really good over the last couple of years) and am wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar?

Thanks in advance


Hey Tim, I started Huel once or twice a day starting the first week of August 2018 - at first plain gluten free and later vanilla gluten free, and in August I started getting red rashes on either site of my nose. It would occasionally have flakey skin. At first I thought it was tinea versicolor and tried a couple different antifungal for over a month to no avail - someone told me that they get similar rashes in the summer, and I had been sailing a lot in the Texas heat. I’ve always now and then had a little dermatitis around the edges of my scalp but this was new. Over the months it’s gotten worse with scaling and flakiness in my eyebrows, in a crease between my eyebrows, and those red patches on either side of my nose. By definition it sounds like seborrheic dermatitis. I’d not even considered the Huel until today, so I am going to stop for a month and see what happens. Really disappointing if this is the cause, as Huel was really jibing with my lifestyle. :confused:

Conversely, Huel seems to have prevented recurrence of my winter facial seb derm. My skin hair and nails are much healthier looking and IBS symptoms much milder since replacing two, and occasionally three, daily meals with Huel granola and powder.

Hey Bee, Kikcat

Thanks for your responses.

I’ve had three attempts as introducing Huel into my diet and each time my psoriasis has badly flared up.

I stopped taking Huel altogether about 3 months ago and now my skin is virtually clear again. This - along with a lifetime of experimentation - leads me to firmly believe that diet can, and does, drastically improve or worsen psoriasis. So now it’s back to eggs, leafy greens and smashed avocado for breakfast. Oh, BTW, I’m eating a 95% plant based diet.

Best of luck with your quest. Keep us posted!


A real shame neither of you are able to tolerate Huel. I wonder what ingredient you are reacting to?