Skin Problems?

Hi All,

Have any of You experienced bad skin e.g. Acne when consuming Huel? I’ve been on it 2 x per day for around two weeks and my skin is breaking out, feels like each morning when I wake up I have more spots :frowning: .

I have struggled with my skin for years but in the past year or so its settled down so I’m 100% noticing the change.

I wondered if it could be the transition between a not so great diet and now Huel (‘toxins’ coming out lol?).

I’m quite sad because I actually love Huel and im getting great results in terms of weight loss and mood. I will keep going with it until i finish my supply at least and hopefully my skin gets better somehow!

I’ve seen a few threads regarding skin issues but they seem to be from some time ago with no update so I thought I would ask here.


Maybe you need to drink more water? Some people are saying it’s the flaxseed on here because of the phytoestrogens… as a tip for you I’ve suffered with bad skin for years but have found using rose water majorly beneficial.

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Switching diets puts stress on the body whilst it adjusts, one of the side effects may be bad skin. When i started Huel 100% i got bad skin for a couple of weeks ( spots here and there ) but after that my skin cleared up and its never been better!

Alot of the negative effects of Huel when starting out is down to this, its not the Huel that is the problem its the years of bad foods being eaten beforehand and the bodies grown dependence/ expectations.

Disclaimer: This is my unsolicited advise, I am not qualified, this is simply what ive picked up from my experiences with Huel, I hope you find Huel as helpful as I have :slight_smile:

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Thanks Guys :).

I do drink quite a lot of water each day - averaging 3-4 litres. Thanks for the rosewater tip!

I thought that might be what is happening :). Strangely when I woke up this morning my face was starting to clear up! How typical lol.

I’m finding Huel very helpful so far. Its very sustainable and I do feel great :smiley:

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I’ve got a history of skin problems, largely a result of long term HIV disease (the little b*****d likes skin cells if it’s left to run free as it was in the 90s), sufficiently bad to have photos in the Chelsea and Westminster hospital’s teaching archives.

I’ve been 100%ing since mid October or so, if you don’t count the odd square of chocolate and so on. Last time I saw my HIV doctor, when she was doing the hands on physical exam she commented on my skin looking much better than usual. And if there’s one thing I love about Sarah, it’s the fact that she’s scrupulously honest - no BS with this lady!

Even though I’m having a bit of a rough time at present, I still feel better than I did before Huel.

Something that I tried when my skin was bad that other people swore by (but didn’t work for me) was a couple of drops of lavender or bergamot oil in the bath. Probably psychological for those who found it worked, but at least you end up smelling nice!


My Skin is looking a lot better today which is great :). Two weeks of two Huel meals per day with a healthy ‘normal’ dinner :).

I’ve been recommending Huel to everyone!

Thats Great that You have had such good results @Taliesin :D. I will give the lavender a go!

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Be sure only to use lavender in the evening: it’s also a sleep remedy! (A couple of drops of oil on the underside of a pillow)

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Thanks for the previous posts. I can see I am not alone in the skin issues. I have been using huel for almost three weeks now and I’ve broken out in what looks like a severe patch of excema on the back of my neck. I’m gutted as huel is so good for shift work!
I’m thinking I will take a break from it for a week and see what happens but any other advice?