Supplements AND Huel? A Question from Guy with Skin Issues

So I just ordered my first weeks worth of Huel, and I struggle with pretty chronic eczema and inflammation on my skin. I know my diet isnt great, but it is not bad either as I eat a wide variety of everything but usually snack on things that are not very healthy (candy, chips etc.) I was wondering if anyone had any experience using Huel for 2/3 of food intake during the day and seeing skin changes? I want to continue eating a diverse dinner because I like to cook, but I am also wondering if there are supplements that I can get rid of if I am digesting huel every day. I have supplements like fish oil, mct, vitamin A, B, Zinc, etc. and seeing as how these are in huel there is no need for the pill? Right?

Thanks Guys -

I have noticed a slight improvement in my skin since using Huel but i am unsure whether it has been down to that or simply drinking more water/less booze!

A primary contributor to acne appears to be dairy products…which is why a lot of vegans say that their skin clears up when they stop dairy consumption. Both whey and casein appear to be bad for acne, although it seems that eating cheese and yogurt is less problematic then actually drinking the stuff.

Washing your skin correctly is important too.

For some of the nutrients, Huel only provides 100% of the suggested intake if Huel is 100% of your diet. Some nutrients can be problematic if you have too much of them (usually the fat soluble ones). But I don’t know which ones and at what amounts- might need to do some internet research for that.
If I were you, I might be tempted to save money on supplements by taking them every other day. But skin conditions vary in cause and treatment widely, ultimately you will have to see what works for you.

Hi Ryan, I have always had eczema but it’s not very severe. As far as I can tell, Huel hasn’t had any effect on it. I wasn’t on vitamins before so can’t comment on one source or another, if it works for you then great! Enjoy Huel and please keep us updated on your experience!

Thanks for the feedback, my skin is very severe right now (just think head to toe red inflamed that makes you want to look away) and yeah that’s me . I think there could be a variety of factors , it’s been this way off and on for a solid year due to doctors steroids temporarily making it clear up. Could be my dog, could be my diet , I’m trying things one at a time. I’ve cut out gluten, I struggle with sugar intake daily and processed foods so I’m hoping sticking to huel and having a dinner could show help. I’ll keep everyone updated, again it could be unrelated in the end… but still a healthier lifestyle and I’m willing to try it all to get my life back.

Good luck mate