Huel and Eczema? Skin Issues?

I did a search and there are some old posts with people saying Huel might’ve made their eczema better or worse but I thought I’d ask again.

I’ve been having Huel for the last few months and having 100% Huel for a few days a week.

I’ve had some small bits of eczema on my hands which I don’t think Huel has affected either way.

However, in the last few days my face feels quite itchy and hot or irritable, although it looks fine so far.

It feels like it might be eczema and I’ve been Googling around and some say diet can play a role in triggering, causing, or curing eczema.

So just checking in to see if people have any thoughts on Huel and Eczema or skin issues?

Or any good eczema cures! I hear oats can help?

I have Vanilla and Chocolate Huel White and Vanilla Huel Black (is this GF too?) with the occasional GF Berry White.


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I had fairly dry skin on my face for a week or two at first, especially around my nose. I just assumed it was a bit of a detox (no booze innit!) so used a little moisturiser and after that it was done, no further occurrences so far.

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I had horrific Eczema my whole life needed bandages and steroid creams ect, the only thing that ever made any difference, and by difference I mean completely fixed it is taking 1 or 2 hot baths a week with 1 to 2 table spoons of bicarbonate of soda.

I got the tip from a Japanese medical show where they were investigating why Japanese hot springs helped improve skin conditions and there research found adding Bicarb into baths had a similar effect.

Worked for me and I would recommend trying it. I do notice if I don’t take the baths it does come back but goes away quickly again after a few baths.

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Sorry to hear you’re suffering with eczema, that sucks. We generally get more people saying Huel has improved their skin than not. I have a kind of eczema that flairs up in heat so I have it through summer, but you haven’t had this before around your neck and face?

My face is still hot and sore, like sun burn, but the skin still looks and feels smooth so not 100 percent sure what it is.

I had it in my face about 21 years ago but none since then.

Just on my hands and stuff.

There are so many “cures” online, I’m not sure what to try or just see if it passes.

Thanks, will look into that.

And if it continues, GP!

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Thanks, will do!

I’ve only ever had mild eczema, but I find Dream Cream from Lush is great for it. It’s made from oats which might explain it!

How are you getting along?

Maybe as an alternative you could try smearing a thick Huel drink on your skin.


The skin on my face never broke out into eczema and just stayed hot and itchy but with no visible signs of any rash.

Then towards the end of last week it went back to normal.

I didn’t stop having Huel each day but did cut out most of the other stuff I’d been having – wraps, bread etc – as I read that gluten can cause problems etc.

While I was doing “research” into eczema I saw that it can be caused by a type of bacteria on the skin microbiome so I bought some topical probiotic (GladSkin) and have been using that.

However, there’s so much “information” out there about skin and everything else health related, you could end up buying 1,000s of products if you follow everyone’s advice!

I also have a few small patches of eczema on my fingers and hands which I’ve been using a topical steroid on for months if not years. I read that is actually way too long and bad for the skin, so I’ve stopped using the cream and am trying to manage it with non-steroid creams. It’s not as bad as I thought.

Not sure what was going on with face. Could’ve been hay fever, eczema that never materialized, or something else?

If it comes back I will go to the docs!

Yes, I see some eczema/dry skin creams have oats in.

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Every year around March and through to September I get hay fever and eczema and the two are very much linked. I find that taking my antihistamines helps, but also an echinacea supplement helps. Generally though if it’s just some small patches and you don’t have hay fever symptoms I’d just go with a basic e45 cream or similar


Yes, eczema and allergies (hay fever) are linked, along with asthma.

They call it the atopic triad:

I have been having itchy eyes and a dripping nose, although not much sneezing.

I’ve started taking lotradine for the last few days so will see how that goes.

Which one do you take?
I’ve been putting on an emollient cream from Boots and that certainly helps keeps the skin moist. But it’s not a cure.

I don’t suffer eczema but for the last few years my skin has been terrible, breaking out in a constant rash of small, angry, sore spots. I’ve tried all sorts over the years to try and help and nothing made any difference. I started Huel not even considering the impact on my skin as I was resigned to that just being the way it is now.
I’m now three weeks in to having Huel two meals a day and the difference is incredible!
On the left is a hungover me in February and the right is today. I’m not wearing any foundation or concealer and just cannot get over the difference!


Wow! Such a huge difference! Did you bathe in it or something? :laughing:

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Haha! There’s a thought!:grin:
I’m so chuffed with this very unexpected side effect. Long may it last!

:heart_eyes: That’s so so amazing, wow what a difference! Has anything else changed that might have improved your skin? It’s such a noticeable difference.

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Nope, not changed anything at all other than adding Huel to my diet for two meals a day. I’m absolutely thrilled as I figured that was going to be my skin for the rest of my life. I just hope it carries on like this but for the moment, I could not be happier! A very unexpected and welcome side effect of Huel for me.:grin:

Wow that’s fantastic!

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