Toffee Flavour and Eczema?

Relatively new to Huel (working through my first batch) - I went for Gluten Free as I thought that was worth testing (no known issues with gluten but I was curious).

I think I may have discovered that eczema flares up on my face after adding the toffee flavour. I’m going to try and isolate the test by not adding it the rest of the week.

Has anyone had any issues with just the flavours, when it comes to having a reaction? I could only find discussions around people hoping Huel would help their skin overall.



Hi John,

Really sorry to hear about your reaction. That is bizarre with your reaction, I haven’t heard anything like this before. Let us know how it goes.

No need to apologise :slight_smile:

My skin has always been funny and can be set off by strange things (stress does it too). I’m hoping it’s just the flavour if it’s anything to do with Huel rather than Huel itself as I’d be a bit gutted to stop.

Will keep you informed via here. I’m roughly 80-90% odd Huel day to day and as I went from a good diet to begin with, digestion etc has been completely fine.

Fingers crossed!

If you would like an alternative toffee flavouring source, I recommend trying this …

I use it because it is more convenient than the Huel flavour powders, but perhaps it could solve your eczema problem too.

Note: I don’t think this is vegan friendly.

Thanks mate. I’ll check that out.

I’m not super reliant on flavour (it was just to mix it up a bit for my “dinner” portion).

Thanks for the note about Vegan too. It’s all ok for me as I’m not aligned to anything :slight_smile:

OK - little update and it seems it’s likely that it was the toffee flavouring causing the eczema.

It took a little while to go and cropped up slightly every now and then but I think it’s safe to say this was the main cause, so if you’re starting on Huel and notice anything and happen to use flavours, try and test it without to see if it’s that rather than Huel itself.

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