Huel GF & Eczema

Hi everyone,
Just got my first batch of GF vanilla-flavoured Huel and have been using it daily for breakfast and lunch.
It’s still early days but I’m hoping it helps clear my skin. Has anyone experienced any relief from dry skin conditions when on Huel? What is your routine? There seem to be mixed reviews as to whether it helps or aggravates people’s dry/sensitive skin.

depends on what you were eating before

Pleased to report I’ve had a massive change to my skin. Never quite got eczema but did suffer from very dry itchy skin n my back. Pretty much entirely gone. The only time I see signs of it is if I’ve fallen off the Huel wagon for a whole weekend - beer seems to bring it on too. Overall my health is much improved. Though I have started taking collagen tablets as I felt my joints weren’t performing as they used to with numerous minor pulls and twists in areas I’d never had a problem. Two weeks of collagen seems to have put that right. I am on only 1500 cals a day so that may have something to do with it… :slight_smile:

Thank’s RDW. I’ve noticed a similar thing; while on huel everything is fine, then if I have a very spicy dinner or junk food my skin dries up again. It’s a very mild form of eczema, more like very dry skin which can be triggered via various factors (food, weather, pollution etc) but I find takeaway food and alcohol to be the number one trigger. Packaged foods with lots of sulfites are definitely something I’ve noticed to irritate skin.

Yes, my skin has improved significantly since I started using in Huel back in June 2016. My acid reflux has reduced considerably along with improved digestion. Huel gluten free has been fantastic.

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