PCOS & Huel

I was wondering if anyone had anymore up to date experience on drinking Huel whilst having PCOS? I am 5"10 and weigh about 11stone. I am changing my diet to help my symptoms. I am meant to eat a high protein diet and avoid soy. I am currently a carb addict due to my spradic eating (work makes it hard to eat regularly so I don’t eat all day then binge at home) I am on my first bag of huel so still working out what suits me but would like to have 1-2 huel during the day then a meal at night. Any other ladies got any input? I am looking for help for pain, acne and the other usual symptoms. I read some other posts about a possible link to acne breakouts so concerned about this.

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Can’t speak for PCOS, but I do have heavy and irregular periods. My Huel intake has coincided with reducing my milk intake (using Huel for breakfast means less milk for cereal), but I have noticed clearer skin since this. As I said, this could be reduced milk, Huel or some other third thing influencing this so can’t conclude on what’s caused that.

I think given how hormones operate you’d need to use Huel for a good 6 months before judging how well it affects (or doesn’t affect) your PCOS, but I would imagine the regular vitamins, minerals and nutrients would do you good. I also find that it’s very gentle on my stomach (I have IBS), so I very rarely get bloating that aggravates period pains and such (I suppose our insides are all inevitably squashed together so one thing has an affect on the other). I definitely haven’t seen a bad side effect on my periods anyway! Overall since I started on Huel I’ve felt in good health and somewhat more alert than usual.

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Great post, thank you. I too have IBS (aren’t we ladies a lucky bunch) and period pain + IBS flair up is definately the worst. I agree…I wont be able to draw conclusions for a while but keeping hopeful. I’m going to add extra protein powder to my huel to keep my protein higher than my carbs ( PCOS is to do with your blood sugar levels) but after a week on huel I am already feeling better/brighter

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I’ve read that dairy can cause acne, so if you’re going to add a protein powder you might want to source a good vegan one, in case you were going with a whey powder :slight_smile:

Hi Dan, I think I should be okay with whey as I excluded dairy from my diet before for 3 months and it made no difference to me. I suppose I could add extra pea protein instead if it did flair up?

Yes sorry my mistake, I thought you had skin issues with dairy but if you don’t then give whey a try. The problem I find with vegan protein powders is finding one I like the taste of when just added to water or almond milk.