Any Huelers with PCOS out there?

Just that really!?

Anybody had any good results using Huel with PCOS? I’ve read so much about a gluten free/dairy free diet being best for PCOS sufferers because of inflammation and insulin resistance. The only worry I have is the carb content as they also say a low carb low GI is best. Arghh hormonal disorders suck!

My symptoms and weight gain are getting worse so I really do need to do something to help myself.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Huel’s GI is very low. I think we’ve had this question asked before and the conclusion was that it’s beneficial for PCOS. Maybe worth a search.

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Huel has a low glycaemic index (GI) of 27 which is advantageous in PCOS. Sure there’s plenty of Huelers here with PCOS, hopefully Huel works out for you!

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Thanks guys! I really should have had a look at the GI before i posted :smiley: ! I will try and stick to breakfast and lunch Huel then a chewable dinner :slight_smile: to start. I did use Huel last year in an effort to shed some lbs before my wedding and I had great results as well as better skin, hair, nails etc. I think I will definitely order some berry to try next! Out of everything I’ve read in relation to PCOS and diet Huel definitely seems like the easiest way to stick to the strict guidelines. I will try and take before/afters and measurements etc to track progress.

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