Huel 3.0 and tapioca vs glycemic index

As I am insuline resistance I stick to food with low glycemic index. Huel 2.3 with GI 27 is working great for me, my blood test results for insuline are better than before introducing Huel to my diet.

So I’m a bit concerned with the new version coming up - especially about adding tapioca. Won’t it increase the GI of Huel quite significantly?

@JamesCollier would you be able to advise?

last I read they were still awaiting the results to come back in

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The other ingredients are likely to tone it down quite a lot. Take Soylent as an example, they use maltodextrin for all of their carbs (similar GI as tapioca starch) but their GI is still reasonably low.

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Hi @Kasia - See @Dan_Huel 's response that @Phil_C linked to. We are having it tested, but you will get variation. The recipe hasn’t changed much and GI is affected by so much more than carbs, so v3.0 will be a low GI, we just don’t have the figure yet.


Thank you James! Waiting for the finał results then and keeping fingers crossed that the GI won’t increase a lot.

@JamesCollier When do you think you’ll have the results of the GI value for Huel Powder 3.0 (no rush… I just want to know if you have an estimation date :slightly_smiling_face:)?

I’m not sure on ETA, but it’s happening @Dan_Huel / @RebeccaOfficialHuel - can you update?

Hi @Vaniv. We should receive the GI results in the second week in Jan ( :crossed_fingers:). We will update the forum & let you guys know when we have them.

@Vaniv - as fate would have it, we’ve just received the report back from our labs.

… Drumroll please … :drum: :drum: :drum:

The GI value for Huel Powder v3.0 is 16 :raised_hands:

I’ll be letting the rest of the community know in a post shortly


Huel added Tapioca starch in v3 and the GI value is even lower than before? From 27 to 16, haha that is great! Seems like magic :smiley: