2 days in

On my second day of Huel now, really enjoying it and surprisingly I am not feeling hungry between meals :+1:

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Welcome to the team, Mitch! Yeah I think that is one of the most surprising thing, just how full Huel keeps you and for how long it does. It’s to do with a load of stuff, but Huel has a very low glycaemic index:

  • Huel Powder v3.0 (Vanilla) has a glycemic index of 16
  • Huel Ready-to-drink has a GI of 25
  • Huel cocoa and orange bars have a GI of 29

So that will go someway to keeping you full!

Why do you think the glycemic index is important? Because lower GI means longer satiety? Or can’t you say that? What about the GI of Black Edition?
And are there GI diffferences for the different flavors?
Of course there are none regarding the glycemic load, but I can remember having read that flavour and things like caffeine content play a role for the glycemic index, as it is a multifactorial value.
Would you say that this is true? And if yes how big is the effect?
Do you have any links to articles about this topic?
Thanks in advance!