GI Value of Huel 27


Hi Huelers,

We have finally had Huel officially tested for GI.


The result is: 27 (Low)

Please see the document from Oxford Brookes University.


Compare this to Soylent:

Soylent Powder (v1.6) Glycemic Index: 60
Soylent Drink (v2.0) Glycemic Index: 49

So, Soylent 1.6 has a GI value higher than a Snickers Bar, and Huel has a GI value almost as low as bean sprouts:


Aren’t they on 2.0?


Soylent have chose a very strange numbering system. When they launched the drink, they launched with v2.0, there was never a v1 drink.

The powder is v1.6.

The bar doesn’t have a number.

Edit: I replaced bar with drink, as that is the one which started at v2.


2.0 is also the ready made liquid version.


Amazing, same as milk


Is there any measurement for the unflavoured available?


@ccdd unflavoured is almost an identical product and will therefore be very similar, if I had to guess I would say it would be very slightly lower.


Here are the broad categories of GI.


Nice one, Julian!
I’ve been interested in Huel’s GI for a long time now. I’m happy to see it’s even lower than I expected (like twice lower).


Thanks for the report. The primary reason for switching from Joylent for me was the noticably high GI of Joylent (You could litterally feel the sugar rush). It is a really great service that you invested in getting the numbers done on this, and a big reassurance for your customers.


Thank you for the great feedback. We were so pleased with the results too. I’m glad this as cemented your trust in Huel too. Thanks a lot!


Joylent is just sugar. It’s insane.


Just stumbled upon this and it is amazing!