PCOS, Type 2 Diabetes, 80lbs to lose.. starting HUEL

Hey Everyone,

My first Black Edition Huel order is coming today. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes (HbA1C is 13) and PCOS over 8 years ago. I’m only 30 and want to get my health back. I am about 80lbs overweight. I have tried soo many diets and none of them seem to shift the weight. I don’t quite believe the whole calories in and calories out for weight loss as it hasn’t really worked for me. I have tried the 800 calorie diet and that didn’t work after a while. My metabolism is awful. I calculated my BMR is 1450

Does anyone have any tips for me? I am planning on having Huel for 2 meals a day. I would really appreciate any guidance or tips as I really feel like just giving up.

Thank you

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PCOS is a special case with fat loss, a regular calorie deficit doesn’t work and ends up being drastically low. Personally, I’d say you’re probably better off getting advice from a specialist on this, or at least reading up from as many different sources as possible on PCOS and fat loss to get your calories and nutrition spot on

Hey Sim,

I can see you wrote the same post on the US forum.

There are some really good responses there and Charlotte has responded too.

I will add that working 1:1 with a dietitan could also be really helpful as they can help personalise their approach for you.

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