And we're off

I started my Huel journey this morning, my primary goal is weightloss.

I’m 5"4 and 174lbs (ouch) I used to exercise at least 3 x per week but new job means I’m only going 1 x week at the minute.

I plan to eat huel for breakfast and lunch then a healthy meal in the evening, initially for two weeks to see how it feels.

My calorie calculator reckons I need about 1000 to lose 2lbs a week so I’m going to try no more than 1000-1200 per day. I have PCOS and there is some research that suggests PCOS = lower basal metabolic rate.

I tried three scoops for breakfast but was only able to drink 2/3. It tastes ok but I think it will quickly become a challenge so will introduce flavours soon.

Would 2xscoops for breakfast and lunch be ok for me? I don’t think I could eat more and need to leave some calories for evening meal, flavours and possibly the odd snack if I’m struggling

I also intend to cut out milk from tea and coffee for now and prioritising going to spin at least 2x week

If I’m having huel at 9am, 1pm then spinning at 6, will I need something prior to the class? Any recommendations? I was thinking maybe one scoop or a smoothie

Hiya, I started off with 3 scoops for breakfast and 3 for lunch and a family dinner. I found I could drink it fine but then felt hungry about 4pm and would snack and therefore up my calories for the day. I then cut down to 2 scoops for both breakfast and lunch and don’t feel any more hungry thoughout the day and it means I can have a healthy snack without it eating into my calorie intake too much.

If you’re going from 1pm to 6pm without eating, you might find you’re lacking energy for your spin class. If you feel that you are, maybe have a large (or 2 small) bananas 30 mins before your spin class, or a good dose of caffeine instead.

I’d also avoid going below 1200 calories as that’s generally regarded as the safe lower limit.

Good advice, i definately can’t manage three
Right now.

I had 1200 calories yesterday and found it easily do-able

I had 2 scoops in the late morning(11ish) then a big dinner at 6 (steamed veg, chicken breast and brown rice). Ended up having 3 cups of Tea with milk and 3 soda and lime cordial (with vodka in two) so this pushed my calories up

Going to aim for 2 scoops for breakfast 1-2 for lunch and healthy dinner today

I will definately have to up this a little for spin,

cheers guys

I’m 4days in and 1.3 kg down, replacing breakfast and lunch only. I’m loving it so far. It just takes the effort out of healthy for me.

Today I had 2 scoops for breakfast, 2 for lunch and 1, very thin, an hour before spin. Normal dinner. Great

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Thanks for the post and welcome to the Huel forum :smiley:

All sounds good to me, but I don’t know the first thing about PCOS, 1200 sounds low to me but it’s about finding out what works for you. As long as you are in calorie deficit you will gradually lose weight.

1pm - 6pm for a spin class sounds tough. Why not split your Huel lunch into two separate meals? That’s what I do, first at about 1 and the second at about 4. I also find that, compared to a whole food meal, Huel is much less likely to give me a stitch the closer I have it to any sort of exercise.

Hope this helps. Keep your water intake up too, more than you were drinking before. Huel is fibrous which acts like a sponge, this can lead to a loss of water weight and can be deceptive early on in a weight loss program :thumbsup:

Thanks Tim, very dehydrated today so trying to up the water