For the ladies ( periods)

Hello ladies,
This is a bit of a odd one.
Has anyone noticed a positive or negative difference in their periods?
I personally have gone from a very painful (backpain, breast pain, headaches, cramps and heavier flow) to a basically non existent pain free period over my last 2 months of consuming hule nearly every day.

Im not sure if its because im eating healthier or maybe I was missing out on vitamins or minerals that i wasnt getting before.
Just wanted a open space for lades to talk.


Hmm. Now you come to mention it, my symptoms have improved too. In fact I would say they have all but disappeared. I can easily forget that I’ve got my period these days. Had noticed a change but hadn’t thought it might be down to Huel, thought it was my age!!

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A lot of period pains are caused by muscle cramping, and a lack of some nutrients can cause muscle cramping, so I think this makes some sense.


Definitely an improvement for me, usual symptoms like breast tenderness weight fluctuations and food cravings all reduced dramatically and on “P day” itself virtually cramp free, I’ve only been on Huel for 2 weeks and I’m definitely won over

That would be great news! I just started Huel so I don’t know yet but it hurts just to think about my last period so lesser symptoms would be a great side affect. Hopefully I will experience the same!

Mine definitely snuck up on me this time. I normally have spotting, cramps, and tiredness for one or two days before – this time, I was lucky I had backup supplies handy. This could be related to the nutrients or the fact that I have been drinking tons of water to keep my digestive system moving, or both!


Interesting. I just started Huel a few days ago and I’m due for my period in a few days so I will observe. I usually get killer cramps and mood swings. If Huel can solve this, I’ll never eat anything else again! Haha

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@SeekerOfTheWay Best of luck!

So maybe it’s placebo effect but I didn’t have my normal drop in energy and mega cramps so far! I feel really good. I hope I am getting all the nutrients I need from Huel.


I have notice I don’t get the normal energy dip at that time of the month since starting the Huel! Which is great! I’m guessing I much have been missing a nutrient of some variety in my diet before.

What ever it is, I’m happy about it! Plus i’ve lost 9lb since replacing 2 meals a day with Huel! Win!

@GeekBunny That’s awesome! Well done! I was actually thinking the same thing. I feel so much better now that I was wondering how much nutrients I missed before.

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Thank you, those trolls were destroying a good thread.

I know this is an old post but I’ve been on Huel for 2 meals a day for 2 weeks now (plus a regular meal at night) and just having my first period while on it.

Honestly I’ve felt awful! Dizzy, lightheaded, like I haven’t eaten for days. I actually had to stop and get myself something to eat when out because I almost fainted in a shop. I decided to have a couple of huel free days and feel much better. It was like I just wasn’t getting enough of something from it. Anyone else felt like this or understands why it might have happened?

If the dizziness/lightheadedness during your period is related to your new diet I would suspect it could be due to blood sugar, insufficient iron or being dehydrated. Huel is low sugars and you need to increase your water intake due to high fibre content. Are you getting enough calories as well?

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So I’m on my 2nd week of huel I am only having it for lunch atm as I find it filling enough and a small evening meal. I’m currently on a low estrogen mini pill and have been for over a year now. Today I started spotting. Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks for your help.

I’ve credited Huel and the nutrition for having even energy and mood levels throughout the day, my periods are fairly easy so nondifference there.