For the ladies ( periods)


Hello ladies,
This is a bit of a odd one.
Has anyone noticed a positive or negative difference in their periods?
I personally have gone from a very painful (backpain, breast pain, headaches, cramps and heavier flow) to a basically non existent pain free period over my last 2 months of consuming hule nearly every day.

Im not sure if its because im eating healthier or maybe I was missing out on vitamins or minerals that i wasnt getting before.
Just wanted a open space for lades to talk.


Hmm. Now you come to mention it, my symptoms have improved too. In fact I would say they have all but disappeared. I can easily forget that I’ve got my period these days. Had noticed a change but hadn’t thought it might be down to Huel, thought it was my age!!


A lot of period pains are caused by muscle cramping, and a lack of some nutrients can cause muscle cramping, so I think this makes some sense.