Has anyone had shorter periods (menstruation)?

I don’t know if this is completely unrelated, but I’ve been eating most huel the past month, and for a couple weeks the month before, and this month I have had a complete change in my period.

I didn’t have any cramping, usually I have cramping leading up to my period for around 5 days, and sometimes quite bad. I didn’t have any bloating which I always do. Also, my period only lasted just over 24 hours, usually they are at least 4-5 days. Also, it was 6 days later than usual. I’ve done pregnancy tests as I was concerned and all negative.

Has anyone had any completely different periods to their usual ones?

Sudden change in diet can effect your hormones and cycle. That would happen with any sudden significant change however - it’s nothing to do with the Huel.
Your cycle should settle back down within 3 months. If it doesn’t, it would be worth getting a check up with your GP.

If you’re cutting calories, then your cycle might not go back to normal until you return to maintainance calories again. We’re all different though - some people stay like clockwork regardless of the changes they make to their diet or lifestyle, and others get affected by every change or stress. I wouldn’t worry too much.

Not because of Huel, perimenopause. I had the opposite happen -from a life time of light and easy every 6-8 weeks to your ‘normal’- which holy cow is one hella switch up . Enjoy it. And if it keeps up check with your dr regardless of age.