IVF & Aunt Flo

Hi everyone,
this one is for the ladies.
My partner and I are about to start our second round of IVF.
I started started using Huel last week purely for the extra protein I will need to have while I start my stims (an injection everyday to grow my eggs and protein helps them grow a little quicker)
I’m currently waiting for Aunt Flo (period) to come and visit me and then I can start my injections. My question is, have your periods changed since using huel? For the better or the worst? I’m worried it may cause me to be late, which I’m pretty much always on time each month.
Also if you are also going through or have already gone through IVF then I’d much appreciate a little piece of mind that Huel will work in my favour. Because it’s not just my partner that will be using my eggs, i am donating to another lady too and I’d hate to think that I let them down.

What’s your reason for thinking it would cause a prolonged cycle?
I should think that with its low GI and complete nutrition it would be beneficial to any fertility problems. I can’t think of any reason it would cause any negative effects on your cycle.
A significant sudden change in calorie intake might cause changes, but this can easily be avoided by counting calories and making sure you are eating roughly the same as before.

Good luck with your IVF :crossed_fingers: :slightly_smiling_face:
Relax and visualise positive results :slight_smile:
Stress and anxiety can cause your cycle to be late so make sure you are doing as much self care as possible - find things to distract or soothe yourself, whenever you feel yourself worrying about it

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I am not a female but from a therprtical biomedical understanding then @ChristinaT is correct.

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I’ve personally never had an issue with Huel affecting my cycle lengths even when on 80% Huel and one small meal. Just ensure your calorie intake is sufficient enough as this is a common thing that can affect your cycles when you start a new way of eating. Good luck with the IVF!

Huel never affected my cycles either. I still can’t ride a bike.