I no longer experience any PMS symptoms with huel

I’m actually amazed. First time I thought it was a fluke, but for the 5 months I have been having huel for I’ve had zero PMS symtoms. I’m having huel once or twice a day. I usually get really bad emotional symtoms with my PMS, worsening of mental health conditions, and bad period pain leading up to my period. I’ve had none of it for 5 months. I’ve tried a range of supplements before (calcium/magnesium, starflower oil, agnus castus etc) all of those only had a small effect on PMS symtoms.

Has anyone has the same?

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I have heard women say that B-vitamins made a big difference with PMS for them. So that might be why. Did you try them before?

Yes, moods and energy levelled out. No PMS for me until perimenopause, Huel has improved that too. I assumed B and complete nutrition and other macros has an effect for sure

Yes, I’ve noticed it too, it’s great, isn’t it?!

I do take a good B vitamin supplement anyway. I was doing some research and I also may think its due to the lignans in the flaxseed which help balance hormones, yeh its great I didn’t think it would have this much of an effect