Skin Rash?

New to Huel in the past month. Started with Huel V3.0 with two scoops and water or coconut milk. Initially noted some indigestion with gas. But thought I’d get used to it so kept drinking it. After several days have developed a skin rash on legs and arms. Have not made any other changes to diet or basic daily routine except for the Huel and have never had any other food related rashes.
Am going to stop using it for a week to see if rash goes away. Afraid I’m reacting to something in the product and won’t be able to continue.

I’m sorry to hear this happened during your first experience with Huel. If you have no known allergies or intolerances to any of the ingredients that you’re aware of, I would strongly recommend consulting your GP to see what would be causing this rash to occur.

Thanks but your ingredient list reads like a college chemistry book.
I am going on vacation tomorrow (inconvenient timing) so will go to urgent care this morning to see if they can diagnose/help.