Mild Skin Rash / Formula Changes?

Huge fan of Huel. Consumed regularly for about a year without any issues (1-3 meals per day).

Huel V2.0 Powder - Chocolate flavor
Filtered water, ice from same filtered water, powder, blended. No other ingredients.

Took about a 6 month break and ordered some more recently, eating my first two scoop meal after that period at breakfast yesterday.

  • Noticeable heartburn/indigestion within the first hour after eating.
  • Barely noticeable itchiness I assumed was from dry air.

Ate two scoops this morning:

  • Noticeable heartbrun/indigestion within the first hour.
  • Itchiness returned more suddenly, this time with patchy red splotches across my body.

Pinned it down to Huel (which wasn’t even a suspect initially) after combing through detergents/toiletries/etc to firgure out what might be the culprit.

It would be great to know if the formula has changed or if ingredients are being supplied by new vendors - anything that would be different now than opposed to 6 months ago.

I doubt it’s a reaction to any ingredient itself, but perhaps a change in the production/supply of that ingredient. Inactive stuff gets overlooked all the time.

Super bummed out. If it’s a general allergy I can’t imagine how I would have developed one in a 6 month window.

70% sure it’s the Huel. Will keep testing and report back, lol.

Because that’s how allergies work.

Food allergies develop when a person consumes or comes in contact with their own particular allergen and the immune system makes antibodies to deal with it. The initial exposure does not cause an allergic reaction, but subsequent contact with the same allergen can allow previously created antibodies to recognise it. This then launches an immune response that can result in an allergic reaction.

So – while your body may not have appeared to react to an allergen ingredient the first time you tried Huel – it may have made itself known when you revisited it later in the year. Only way to be sure is to see your GP and get some allergen tests done to narrow down a potential ingredient culprit.

Hey there, this is an odd one isn’t it?

I presume you’re talking about Huel v3.0 powder. There haven’t been any changes in the last 6 months, so it’s possible you’re developed an allergy overtime as Phil said.

Were you consuming the chocolate powder before or was it a different flavour?

Have you noticed these symptoms with anything else?

Interesting, for sure. To the best of my knowledge I’ve never had this occur with anything else so it’s a new one for me. No obvious allergies beyond seasonal.

Yes, 3.0. Always chocolate.

Nothing that I’m aware of. Ive never had a problem with Huel before and recommend it all the time, so when I noticed the reaction it didn’t occur to me until I had considered several other things.

I’m pretty boring when it comes to brand/flavor/scent consistency, so I haven’t changed or introduced any new products to my lifestyle, lol.

Always possible there’s been a formula change somewhere else though. Or Phil is spot on about the allergy.

I should add that I consumed Huel for maybe two years without any reaction before the 6 month gap. There were shorter gaps during that period, as well.

The reaction is pretty mild, so I’ll see if it happens a third time around today.

It sounds like you’ve done the right thing and have been pretty methodical. I agree with you the best the thing to do is stop having Huel, sorry I couldn’t be of much help.