Allergic reaction

I’ve been using Heul for 28 days and love it. For the past 4 days I’ve noticed Ive had an outbreak of hives on my arms and backs of my hands in the morning. The only food I had eaten when that happened was a banana or chocolate Huel. Oral Antihistamine calmed the hives. I spoke to my doctor because the outbreaks of itchy hives are getting worse and he suggested it must be food related. At tea time today I had half a bottle of banana Huel and within minutes hives appeared on my chin and my lips tingled. I took an oral antihistamine and felt scared that I might have an anaphylactic shock. Up until now I’m not allergic to any foods. I’m 73 and eat everything. I enjoy Huel but I’m too scared to drink anymore of it! What could be in it that I’ve become intolerant to? Is it potentially dangerous?

That sounds bad but honestly, Anaphylaxis is a very severe, but also comparatively rare, allergic reaction. It also happens fast – like in minutes – and normally presents in combinations of multiple symptoms: rapid blood pressure drop, airways narrowing/blocking breathing, rapid & weak pulse, skin rashes and nausea.

Your rash sounds like you have had a normal allergic reaction to one of the ingredients and even if you haven’t had one before – you can develop allergies at any time. Honestly, the only way you can narrow it down is through a process of elimination of the ingredients either by yourself or testing.

Thanks Phil. I agree with you. Almost twelve hours later my chin is still the size of a chicken’s egg! I’ve never experienced this before! I’m disappointed that this has happened because I was losing the weight I’d gained through immobility caused by Covid and a bad fall and my hair, skin and nails were looking great! I’ll get tested so I can avoid whatever it is, but sadly no more Huel for me!

Hey, sorry to hear about your experience with Huel. It does unfortunately sound as though you have an intolerance to one of the ingredients within Huel, and until you are able to identify this through an intolerance test, I would suggest you pause on consuming Huel. If you email us at with your order number, we can see what we can do to help (feel free to pop my name in the subject line).

Thank you Jess. I have been buying and drinking Huel for the past 26 days from Tesco and Holland & Barratt. I had 4 bottles in the fridge when the allergic reaction started so have given them to my son who is also using Huel to control his weight. I’m a fan of Huel but daren’t drink it any more. I can drink Tesco Slim without any reaction but it’s not as nice or as filling as Huel.

Have a good day.
Celia James