Allergy reaction

I have been supplementing with Huel for a few years now. I usually buy the vanilla gluten free flavour (v2.3). I have tried the unflavoured and unsweetened gluten free version a few times and not had any reaction. With my recent order I ditched the vanilla to limit my sucrolose intake and went with the unflavoured and unsweetened gluten free adding 1/2 teaspoon of mint chocolate flavouring (I know there is now a mint chocolate flavoured Huel but this also contains sucrolose). I have been doing this for 2 weeks and since I started I have had varying degrees of itchy eyes. On two occasions they got so bad I was unable to open my eyes and luckily several hours after taking an antihistamine tablet they cleared up but not to normal. Still there is constantly an irritation of some degree. In the past I have had similar reactions to pollen after a rain storm but it would clear up completely having taking an antihistamine tablet. It is now winter and for the last week I have been out at sea so not a plausible reason.
I’m just wondering if any of the ingriedients might trigger this reaction, either from the Huel or the flavouring. The flavouring is new to me, but I find it difficult to drink without some sweetness.
I think I will stop taking it for a few days and see what happens then try it without the flavouring and see if that makes a difference.

The flavour boost has stevia instead of sucralose - that’s about the only difference.

It could simply be hay fever with the change of weather. Or it is possible you are having a reaction to stevia - trying stevia in your tea or something on a non-Huel day could test this out.

If you’re convinced it’s the flavouring that is causing the issue then try your own recipes with the unflavoured.
Search the forum for tons of suggestions.
If you like mint-choc, I’ve found cacao powder and mint essence works really well. If you want to sweeten it, add raw cane sugar or honey or coconut nectar.

My hayfever has started in the past two weeks. Pollen don’t give a crap about calendar seasons. :slight_smile:

Are you allergic to anything else apart from certain pollens? There isn’t anything in gluten-free Huel that is recognised as a common allergen. It’s been unseasonably warm and I imagine it is just a shift. I know you’re at see, but pollen doesn’t just travel by air. Definitely monitor it and keep us posted. If you want us to investigate your Huel then we will.

Yup I’ve seen a few people getting the old hayfever kicking in already. Hopefully it’s just that. Keep us posted just in case!

I don’t suffer too badly with hayfever but have had the odd tickly throat and sniffles lately.

I’m not sure it is pollen. The last time I had an allergy reaction from pollen was in the dordoyne driving to the south of France about 5 years ago. Only seem to get it when it’s really bad and only when humid. Never had it in UK. The itchiness started at home before the temperatures increased and has continued. I’m inside a ship in the middle of the North Sea 100 miles off the coast and have not been outside in nearly a week.
I’m not allergic to anything else, I have food intolerances but not allergies. I don’t have any other added sugar/sweetener products except for the sucrolose in flavoured Huel which I was trying to cut out completely. have been using stevia for years.
It may very well be just the fine powder in the flavour boost that inevitable comes out when opening the bag. It does say on the bag label to avoid contact with skin or eyes as may cause allergic reaction. Strange how it began same day I first starting using it.

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Thanks for the context there. OK so perhaps it is the flavour boost. Perhaps try excluding Huel until your symptoms subside, then restarting but without the Flavour Boost (perhaps put the Flavour Boost away to avoid residual particles coming out).

If it persists, please do send the Huel back to us and we can investigate (when you next come to shore).

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Yes, agree. The fine flavour boost powder can get to the back of your nose and throat and be quite irritating. I too, have to be very careful when handling it. Merely opening the ziplock pouch can send particles flying. I decant mine (very carefully) into lidded, rigid plastic containers which does away with the bellows action of the bag, plus makes it easier to spoon out.

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