Rash on tops of hands and feet?

I’m 3 days in using huel for breakfast and lunch, and today I have noticed a rash on both my hands and feet? I’m really hoping it’s not related as I’m loving huel so far.
Has anyone else experienced this?
I can think of anything else that I’ve used in last few days that’s new to me other Than this and
a few of the sample flavourings too.
I don’t feel unwell like a virus or anything, I actually feel great otherwise.
Any input would be great!


Not heard of anybody reporting something like this before, sorry.

I have heard of people getting a rash from sucralose but not from Huel…although sucralose is in vanilla Huel…stop huel til the rash goes and neck some splenda…see what happens.

Bahahaha, that’s exactly what I normally recommend in situations like this. Then people tell me I’m nuts.

But seriously, that’s an excellent suggestion IMHO. If it’s the sucralose, then you’ll notice a rash, if no rash crops up, then it’s either not the Huel, or it’s something else.

if you are consuming unsweetened Huel, then hunzas’s suggestion won’t help work out what is causing it.

Instead of Splenda, you could try pure sucralose instead (Splenda is a mix of sucralose and other junk):


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I get rashes on my hands and sometimes feet (long since i got it on my feet) when I eat grains like wheat and barley, my doctor said it isnt a gluten insesitivity but idk I know i get no rash when i dont eat it and that i get it when i eat it and since huel contains a huge amount of oats that could be it if you arent ordering the gluten free ones.


I’ve ordered the unsweetened gluten free one today so hopefully whatever is causing it isn’t in that as I really don’t want to stop and go back to food breakfast and lunch. I tried persevering but the rash got much worse esp on my hands like dermatitis it looked awful. Haven’t had any today and it feels a little better already.

Thanks for replies!

it seems that new 2.2 (vs old 2.2) is no longer causing me rash

I have dryer skin since starting Huel, but my acne has cleared right up. I do get noticeably dryer skin on the tops of my hands. I’m currently seeing it as a benefit due to clearer skin but I’ll continue to monitor it!