Sodium fluoride

thank you for your reply…
but by including fluoride to those who already receive it you where putting them at risk of fluoride poisoning

“Early symptoms of fluoride poisoning include gastrointestinal pain, nausea, vomiting, and headaches. The minimum dose that can produce these symptoms is estimated to be 0.1 to 0.3 mg/kg of fluoride (i.e., 0.1 to 0.3 milligrams of fluoride for every kilogram of bodyweight)”

i notice lots of people felt fuzzy (as i do myself)
headed while taking huel

why not just state clearly contains fluoride on the bag.and giving your customers choice

i always look at labels to see whats in what i consume and yet myself and my partner both missed it, so clearly not very clearly marked,even toothpaste has it clearly marked.

It was as clearly marked as all of the other ingredients on the label.


"[quote=“whatnofish, post:12, topic:4339”]
i notice lots of people felt fuzzy

Where did you get this info from?

The ingredients list is clearly marked on the homepage, nutritional page, product page and on the pouch.

looking through the forum a few people complain about cotton wool or of being fuzzy/foggy headed… i have been getting it since taking huel. i thought it must be my body detoxing as it feels like the very first stage of a cold (without the snot and sniffles)…

other people have been asking about foggy head on this forum

When you read through that entire thread, the issue was resolved by increasing calories (through an increase in Huel) and taking a Vitamin B supplement. The person wasn’t sure which action fixed the problem, but presumably if fluoride was at fault, increasing Huel (and thus fluoride) would have made it worse.


Trolls never die. They open new accounts, again and again.
Fear, uncertainty, doubt. Lies and false allegations…
Welcome, @whatnofish!

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The changes to 2.0 were clearly advertised on our product page, forum, home-page, labelling and newsletter. Furthermore, the quantities of fluoride are entirely undangerous, even when combined with fluoridated water and/or fluoride-based toothpastes. Regardless, we evaluated the concerns raised by the Huel community and setup a forum poll about it’s removal. Since then we have fast-tracked our development of Huel 2.1 in order to remove fluoride from our product sooner. As an alternative we made Huel 1.2 available through our website at a discounted rate for Huelers who are unable to consume 2.0 due to a strong stance against fluoride.

We have recently launched 2.1 with the principal change being the removal of fluoride.

Thanks for your reply…
As someone who was new to huel(we only bought our first batch 3 weeks ago) I and my partner watched many many videos about huel and didn’t see anything remotely mentioning of fluoride being added…
But since stopping huel my headaches/brain fog has cleared up and I feel great again…

Yes they did increase their intake but is that just them becoming accustomed to what was in huel…if it was simply calories why do people who don’t eat breakfast, dinner and only eat a vegan main meal as I used to not have it…dehydration maybe but to combat this I drank my huel for breakfast 500ml of water 3 scoops and then washed down with 700ml of water and consuming another 700ml of water throughout the day…as well as other drinks…

If I’m a troll where have I disrupted or even commented in any other thread…except this one. is someone who is a customer not allowed to comment without being cast as a troll? You are the one who is the troll for your false accusations are beyond a joke as you appear to be…does the simple act of complaining make you a troll or those accusing other??
I think it’s a genuine concern…call me a troll if having concerns makes me one…

I’m sorry, but we cannot edit the videos to include this information. Our video is a customer testimonials video, so it would be impossible to reshoot the video every time we make an ingredient change. However, changing information on a website can be done in seconds.

When I skip meals, especially if I’m not getting enough protein, fat, or sugar, I feel fuzzy. I don’t know why you are not similarly affected by skipping meals. I’m fairly certain that the side effect of low blood sugar and its mental consequences (even among those who are not diabetic) when fasting are well documented in both medical literature and pop culture (google hangry). I’m not a doctor though and I’m certainly not your doctor, so I can’t tell you why you’re having such an atypical reaction to skipping multiple meals.

You’ve mentioned that multiple people have mentioned fuzziness, but only cited one case and that case it is inconclusive whether Huel or lack of enough calories (or something else entirely!) was the cause, only that after increasing Huel consumption, the issue was resolved. I’d be interested in reading the other cases you’ve found. Thanks!

What is the point to all this?

You and your partner didn’t read the label on Huel before you drank it?

Why do we need to know that?


Don’t read it then…it’s a forum read something else then ffs…

There is a problem there. A person needs to read a comment first to realise it has no value.

Just like you should have done with the Huel label?

Hi…there are others on this forum who have mentioned ,brain foggy /headaches and flu like symptoms…her is another asking about headache’s

Since I was in the military I have always worked (heavy manual road repair and working on gully tankers 100x 50kg gully grates lifted and cleared a day ) and never used to eat till I got home in the evening…I started doing crossfit so needed to increase my protien intake.I started having a spoon of organic pure peanut butter and a glass of glass of coconut milk.then after seeing huel advertised as vegan I thought it was worth trying…I was enjoying it except the mild headache/brain fog…

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Do you answer every post you read then…clearly your not all there.
I won’t be responding again,enjoy your life.

Are you threatening me with not responding? (this question is a trap)

I’m confused at why you linked to a thread about someone who loves Huel and, after a couple of days (initial post on 26/8 and followup of saying issues were gone the next day on 30/8) as an example of why Huel causes problem.

Perhaps Huel has given me a foggy head because I’m baffled at how a positive review, particularly from someone with other issues related to typical digestion, supports your original post!