Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I have suffered from CFS / M.E. for the past year. Since I’ve been using Huel I have felt great and not fatigued. I even have managed to exercise without the hangover that had been following it for the past year or so. Anyone else found Huel to help with CFS?


I’ve no experience of ME/CFS but do have fibromyalgia which offers similar exercise “hangovers”. In short - it makes a truly remarkable difference to me.

I find I have more energy to actually do the exercise in the first place and my recovery time is greatly reduced when my diet consists of roughly 60% Huel.


That’s great to hear I’ll pass your experience on to a pal who has the same condition as you. :+1:t2:


That is really great to hear Dave, so pleased that we can help you out with your difficult condition. Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

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I have been disabled with CFS for about 18 months, with bouts of PVFS before that. I’m experimenting with Huel — mostly making it into pancakes rather than attempting to drink the Huel Gruel.

davewilk, can you give me some idea of timescales, quantities, etc.? Have you continued to feel well? How long before you noticed anything? Did you go 100% Huel?

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I have ME, awful illness. Huel has helped me with a bit more energy but I still get post malaise exersion and the other symptoms. Even though it has helped with your fatigue have your other symptoms improved?

How much do you take a day?

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Hi Dave,

This is promising to hear.

I went 100% Huel for around 2 weeks and noticed an improvement.

I’ve had CFS/ME since 2013 and getting glandular fever however looking to make big progress this year with online recovery programme.

Have you tried this?

Best Wishes,


@davewilk I know this is an old post but I thought it might be worth reviving. I found you when searching for CFS/ ME, I also suffer with this. How are you getting on?