Experience as a 6 week hueller

I first heard about huel via a very positive write up in The Telegraph and it caught my interest. I love my food but am very lazy when it comes to decisions, so had a tendency to grab whatever was easy, and not necessarily healthy.

A few years back I ran marathons regularly and could eat anything. Fast forward a couple of years and motherhood/busy career etc had put the kibosh on that. My husband was diagnosed with CFS and that halted his exercise regime. Then he asked me if I’d heard about this huel stuff.

Both of us needed to lose a bit of weight (about a stove and a half for me and 2 stones for him). We hatched a plan to have a blow out Christmas and then try huel.

Starting in January 2nd we set the goal of two huel meals a day and one regular meal. I decided to commit to two weeks and then reassess. On day one, I wasn’t convinced. I didn’t particularly like the taste and found it weird to not eat a meal. Overall the first week was tough but I was determined and I perservered. And as the week carried on I realised that although I missed food, I wasn’t hungry. The taste had even grown on me!

Week two was easier by far. Fuelled by a 4lb weight loss I discovered something weird; I have always had a sweet tooth and would eat at least some chocolate or cake every day. But I had completely stopped craving sweet food. A meal with a friend confirmed that I suddenly didn’t care about not having dessert! Plus I didn’t feel bloated anymore but was not starving. I had a renewed energy to start hiit training.

And so after 6 weeks I’m still on huel. I’ve lost 9lbs so far with not too much effort. I’m still having dinner out once a week and huel works perfectly around my day.

The best part of things is that after a year of my husband having awful attacks of CFS, he hasn’t had one serious attack since he started this routine. Clearly diet is going to help him control it, and it’s amazing to see. He has lost over a stone.

Thanks to all at huel - we’ll be going to Florida in September; slim, healthy and ready for adventures with our three year old!


Congratulations, I’m glad everything worked out for you :slight_smile:

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Congratulations Tara! So happy to read all that and especially that Huel has contributed to helping your husbands CFS. Keep it up :smiley:

Hi Tara,

What an excellent story.

Out of interest what is your Huel routine and how much Huel did your husband with CFS consume? I have it too and realising I feel much better with Huel than bread and empty calories.

Best Wishes,