Huel versus ME/ fibromyalgia

Hi there, in 2008 I weighed over 16 stone, I reached 10 stone by 2010 and plateaued there, I was using a treadmill, working full time, and enjoyed long walks with my dog. I felt really great in myself, then over the last few years have noticed my health change, considerable pain in my hips, lower back and thighs, and so very tired. Unfortunately my symptoms got worse to a point where I had to give up work because my mobility is severely impaired, as the condition affects the whole of my body now. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2012 and ME in 2014. I am so very frustrated that after all that hard work of losing 6+ stone, I have regained 3 stone!, I don’t eat much, food has become a chore and stressful. I struggle daily with my mobility, some days are better than others.
My question is although I try to mobilise as much as is physically possible, will huel help me to lose weight? I am hoping that huel will help me feel more positive about myself and energised, and that it helps my body due to the vitamin and mineral packed ingredients.

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Hi there,

I am also a long term sufferer of ME/CFS but not fibromyalgia. Day-to-day I am asymptomatic but find that if I neglect my self-care with appropriate diet and full 8 hours sleep I am not able to function.

I find that huel has helped me lose a bit of fat (not much weight) by taking the struggle out of choosing and cooking food when I really don’t feel up to it, particularly when I am too tired or sore to go to the shops for something healthy and fresh - I can just get a scoop from my huel tin and the issue is dealt with. In the past I would eat some junk like an instant noodles packet or whatever was in the snack cupboard.

I am not 100% huel.

You might find that initially things will get worse before they get better - for the first few days you will bloat, have a little cramp, possibly a bit of acid reflux. You also should be near a toilet and prepared for some weird smells. This is because there is a LOT of fibre in Huel compared to most people’s regular diet, and it takes your guts some time to adjust. Things should calm down though. You can mitigate the adjustment shock by having a small bit of huel at first alongside regular food and then increasing the amount over 3-4 weeks to a point you are comfortable with.

If you are working towards going 100% huel, some people have had success in “free feeding” where they just keep eating it until they are full, regardless of the number of calories and meal times.

I have noticed with Huel that my skin, hair and nails are in much better condition. I have hit my weight loss plateau at 10 stones 5 lbs but I am a better shape and feel good in myself. The increased protein has meant I am gaining muscle mass faster than my fat is going. The knock on effect is that there is less pressure on my bones and joints, and I do not get pains and pangs in the same places I used to.

Hope this info helps, keep us updated with how things go.

Good luck to you.

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Hi there,
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply x bless you, I completely understand how the day to day challenges affect us everyday is different.
Thanks for sharing your experience, I shall take on board your comments, and helpful warnings and it sounds as though your having a positive experience with huel. I’m so fatigued Im only able to get about 3-4 hrs at night and that’s broken sleep at that!
I’m looking forward to receiving my huel in next few days, it really will solve the issue of eating junk stuff that’s on hand! Even though we try not too we all succumb lol! Especially if we’re unable to get out of the house and go shopping. Take care and thanks again.

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your conditions and hope that Huel can help you out. Here is a useful guide to fat loss -

Keep us updated on your progress.

I was diagnosed with Fibro in 2014 and its been a struggle. I try to resist taking my pain meds, especially Amitriptyline as it makes me really dozy for the whole day. My doctor told me I should try and control my symptoms by self-care, ie eating well, sleeping well and keeping hydrated. I also have a gastric band so am trying to lose weight too!

I’ve ordered the Huel Vanilla and would like to end up replacing 2 meals a day. it would be great to hear how you are getting on and if you’ve found a positive effect on your health.

Are you losing weight with the gastric band, am on the list for a gastric sleeve. So hopefully with huel i will lose weight. My pain has gone down 9/ 10 tp 4/10
Remember most meds make you put on weight.
I have fibromyalgia and diverticulitis, i feel diet is the key to feeling better, if i eat junk i hurt more and the pain increases tremendously.
Hence way i use huel.
I also drink herbal tea that makes me go daily, as i have a lazy gut.
So food takes longer digest
The foods that aggravate me the most are
Gluten free is the answer

Oh andci have had most of my thyroid removed, after that my fibromyalgia got worse and weight gain
Good luck everyone. X