Flabby to Fabby

Afternoon you sexy beasts!

Been seeing so many pop ups for Huel and having it recommended by my PT 2 years ago as the only meal replacement he’d recommend due to the Vit and Mineral contents, so here we are.

I’m DESPERATE to lose my regained weight; I lost 4st between Nov 2014 and June 2015, STUPIDLY got the contraceptive jag in July 2015 and by the end of Sept, despite my training schedule and diet not changing I’d regained 2 stone. That was back up to the original 4st by Feb 2016.

I’ve had all sorts of hormonal tests done but everything comes back ‘normal’ for my age (36). I added boxing into my training schedule and in June started going to the Parkruns and completed my first half marathon in Glasgow on 1st Oct. Despite all this, being pescatarian, loving cooking and eating clean, my weight was sitting at 16.8lbs yesterday on my first Huel day. I’m 5’11’’.

Dropping 500cals for the first few weeks and having 1 meal a day and 2 shakes made with 3 scoops.

Started back weight training last night, and was starving when I got in, so on training days, I’ll have a light protein-rich, low-carb supper when I get home. Other days I’ll just have Huel for dinner (I work in a college, my office is next to the canteen’s food vent so I like to eat lunch at work!).

Not concerned with the number on the scales as much as I want to get back in to my 12 tops and 14 bottoms!

Like the option of accountability on here!

I started a new Instagram yesterday to keep me focussed on my 2nd attempt at feeling slim and happy.

Looking forward to smashing my goals!


It’s great to have you with us Fiona! That must have been so tough to regain the weight you worked so hard to lose. Keep us updated with how you get along and shout if you have any questions at all :blush:

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Best of luck!

One thing though: The Instagram link is misspelled. :slight_smile:

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cheers @andeem!

Sorted now - missed an S :slight_smile:

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Best of luck. Following you in insta and also trying Huel to lose some flab :slight_smile:

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Gooooooood Morning you Sexy Beasts!

Greetings from an eerily still Scotland (looking forward to some big winds later…from Ophelia, not me!). So today was weigh-in day.

Was away Fri-Sun and took my Huel with me, so at least my breakfasts were on track, alas, we had my friends caravan by the coast for the weekend, so there was a fair whack of pizza, chocolate, crisps, dip, cake, gin (only 2) and Champers (1 bottle between 2).

Happily the scales were sitting at 16st 6lbs this morning, which is a 2.4lbs reduction on last week (was 16st 8.4lbs). And it was ‘lady time’ so my heaviest time of the month.

Quite delighted with that!

Having 2x 3 scoop shakes at work, though I am finding myself quite hungry between them, so I might need to split them to 4 smaller shakes.

Constant stomach growling hunger seems to be my issue. I drink about 3l of water a day and try to have coffee to stave off hunger, but I’m ALWAYS hungry, despite loading up on veggies. It’s odd, but I’m hoping I can work my Huel portions out to stave the munchies off :hugs:


I know I shouldn’t bother with scales, never mind jumping on them daily, but I gain weight so easily that I like to have a peek each morning so I know where I’m at.

16st 2.6lbs this morning! Amazing!

Huel hasn’t curbed my sweet tooth, in fact I ate a whole bar of Ritter Sport Marzipan yesterday. Whoops! But I am being more mindful of what I do eat, normally I’d end up eating a cake a day at work, and I’ve not had any in the 2wks I’ve been Huelling.

Happy days!


Hi I have just ordered Huel and received it today. I cannot wait to start. Are you doing 100 % Huel or having any other meals ?

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Morning All!

2 week weigh in with Huel and that’s me at 16st 2.2lbs. Absolutely delighted as I’ve been at the gym once, my plantar fasciitis is in agony so really been doing no exercise except dog walking at the moment.

Was out for dinner on Friday night and had a large red wine and a 3 course meal, and was out for lunch yesterday - again 3 courses and a pint of Moretti, so I feel that it’s really working well with my lifestyle.

@MrsP101 I’m doing 2 shakes a day and 1 meal, along with mugs of marmite/bovril throughout the day whenever I feel ‘nibbly’.

Really happy with losing 4lbs in 2 weeks never mind 6.2, especially as I’m a grazer and always feeling hungry. Huel is absolutely keeping me on track in terms of being mindful to my calorie intake, while allowing me to still enjoy life!

09/10/17 16st 8.4lbs
16/10/17 16st 6lbs
23/10/17 16st 2.2lbs


That’s brilliant well done. I’m on my second day of huel. I’m doing one meal a day so far and I’ve had no adverse effects at all (I’m gluten and dairy intolerant and I have IBS )
I would be pretty thrilled with 2lb per week.

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Sadly no happiness to report this frosty Monday. Was away Fri-Sun for my anniversary weekend. There was pizza, pasta and desserts consumed, so the carb loading has seen my scales back up today.

Then I came to work this morning and it was minus 2 and I wanted something warm, so had a roll with egg, tattie scone and onions. Then I was out with my class, and the place we were put lunch on, so I had some sandwiches and crisps, and THEN my colleague and I hit Costa for a freebie we’d been given so I had a slice of cake. And now I feel depressed, haha!

Back on it tomorrow!

Oh - and on Friday I had wolfed my shake down (normally I sip it over a while), and given blood. Big mistake. I thought I was DYING while on the bed. So much so my blood pressure dropped and they had to wiggle the needle to get me gushing again. I was in AGONY! But then it was revealed why I was in agony when I nipped to the toilet before my cup of tea and free Tunnocks; the thunderous Huel bowels.

You guys owe Glasgow Blood Transfusion a new toilet!

09/10/17 16st 8.4lbs
16/10/17 16st 6lbs
23/10/17 16st 2.2lbs
30/10/17 16st 6.2lbs


Loving reading your posts! I am also a teacher and have just begun huel today 30/10/17 - am going to be doing the same as you 2x 3 scoop shakes for breakfast and lunch and then i’ll be having one normal dinner (healthy) in the evenings when I get in. I’ve also shaken up my gym routine and am now going to my gym classes at 630am prior to getting to work at 745am so I can free up my evenings a bit as when I get home after a long day (745-530/6) all I want to do is cosy on the sofa. This morning I did a spin class, tomorrow is body pump, weds&thurs spin, and then friday body pump. I’m hoping that the combo of weights and cardio will help shift some of this weight!

I got married in May and over the 2 years leading up to the wedding I managed to shift 3 stone. Since being happily married, celebrating and using any excuse to go out for some wining and dining I have seen the scales put on all of that 3 stone lost, and another 1/2!! I am mortified with myself after working so hard!

Good luck with your journey! x


Hi All,

Nothing to report this week or last, hence my lack of posting. Had a week of eating everything in sight and was away for my anniversary too. Have decided that alcohol just no longer agrees with me. glass or 2 of a nice red wine is fine, but I had 6 G+Ts over an afternoon/evening and was ill! 25ml measure and 250ml tonic as well!!!

My post is really just to say I’ve made my recurring order 1 of each flavour, and I’m LOVING 2scoops unflavoured to 1 scoop vanilla - hint of sweetness without feeling like a pudding!

Also spilled my Huel on my office carpet on Monday (see Instagram!), but the beauty of it being non-milk based - no smell!!!


Fair play to you and for being so focused, I was similar dropped over a stone and a half last year with a Pt helping me and just slowly put it back on, hopefully huel will be the answer for me :-).

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Hi Feera!

Your story resonated with me…

I am same age and height and ideally. I am around 12 stone but would love to be 11 (or latter end of 10).

I do crossfit so I have to be aware that I will gain lots of muscle but I do think the Huel has everything in it we could possibly want and its quick and easy to preapare.

I have to admit I haven’t been exaclt true to Huel ( over eating peanut butter and nuts) so I am cutting them out and eating berries instead!

I am starting form scratch as it were next week.

Be great to hear your progress :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck!

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Afternoon Sexy Beasts!

Back on the wagon this week, after a bit of a gain last week! Had a bit of a craving for real food (not helped by my office window being next to a food vent from the upstairs canteen!!!), so had a couple of weeks of eating in at work, but have had a word with myself and am back huelling. Loving the combo of plain and vanilla to give a slightly sweet flavour.

Really can’t be assed with the gym at the moment. My plantar fasciitis shows no signs of abating, so until it does, my focus is on losing weight and I’ll pick the exercise back up when I can.

So the stats are:

09/10/17 16st 8.4lbs
16/10/17 16st 6lbs
23/10/17 16st 2.2lbs
30/10/17 16st 6.2lbs
14/11/17 16st 2.2lbs

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Well done being back on track, I cannot do gym, I just prefer to up the walking.

My first week, weight now 15st 8lb

Wish you well…Lin

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Hi Lin,
What have you lost in your first week? Wishing you loads of success! Like you I’m a big fan of walking. Sadly, I own a greyhound and they hate long walks, so it become almost hostage-like negotiations with him!!

Going to weigh Saturday FeeRa, so will let you know Monday…Lin

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How many scoops fit in each slipper?