Huel is more expensive in DK than in EU-store?

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Just wanted to let Huel and customers know that there is an odd price-difference between the stores, specifically DK and EU. I love the product, and was on-board before the Danish region existed, so I never changed. However, Huel seems pretty insisting that I use the Danish store, as whenever I go to, I have to choose region. So I finally tried to switch, and discovered that if I order 4 bags of Huel on, it is 846 DKK, whereas if I place the same order on, it is 98.1 EUR, which is 732 DKK. In other words, the same product is more than 100 DKK more expensive from My question is, why?? Of course I wonโ€™t switch stores if I end up spending a lot more money on it.


The same is true of the Swedish store, as discovered by @Squizzle, and unless Iโ€™m very much mistaken the issue was never dealt with satisfactorily.

Unfair Pricing for Sweden ๐Ÿ“ more info here

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