66000 kr per bag, instead of 660kr?

Hi guys, something is very wrong in your shop. It wants to charge 66000 swedish kronor for one bag of huel (thats £5800…).
I get the same result on my phone (safari browser) and on my pc (chrome). Please fix asap because I’m actually all out of my huel and need to order desperately :smiley:

Looks like you stumbled upon a not-yet-released Huel Luxury Edition, that contains gold flakes and will be served exclusively in posh restaurants :slight_smile:

I wonder if gold counts as insoluble fibre.

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I can confirm this. Same here.

We got confused clearly between kr and kcal. Nightmare!

But thanks for raising this should be all sorted now!

It was an issue with how the price were displayed, but you would have been charged the right amount if you added to cart/purchased. Let me know if you’ve managed to purchase all ok!

It is fixed - thanks so much, was able to make my order :slight_smile:

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