Weekly delivery and student discount

Just got to know about this from facebook just today!

I have started training and have been looking to increase my calorie intake. I think Huel will allow me to add another 400-800 calories a day!

Wrt the weekly delivery, will it contain two packs of 1.75 kgs to cater for 5 meals a day * 7 days a week = 3500 grams?

Also, do you offer a student discount?


Hi Raj,

Welcome to the Huel forum.

One week supply of Huel is 14000 cals (2000 cals per day x 7 days). This comes in two 1.74kg pouches which contain 7000 cals each.

We don’t offer a student discount at the moment, but currently we do give a free Huel shaker and free Huel t-shirt to all new customers. Plus free next day delivery.



Do you think you may add a next day optional pay extra delivery any time soon?? i’m useless and normally never order until i’m on my last scoop !!

You should better ask for a subscription model! :slight_smile:

I’d probably be up for that; a bit more of a discount on the 4 weeks supply but with 13 orders debited and delivered over the course of the year.

I’m not sure if the additional cost of admin would balance the benefit of guaranteed revenue streams, but it’d be damn convenient for those of us less organised types. :wink:

I think Joylent have a monthly scheme when I was looking into meal replacements as a whole. I suppose when the sample packs come out just buy a couple of those for the times where you run out.

From Huel’s point of view, if they make it easier for people to reorder every month, then there is less reason for them not to, so in the long run the costs should be covered by continued business.

Hi @Luisa_Harris good news we do currently offer free next day delivery. If you order before 2pm it will be delivered the next working day. We don’t pick at pack at the weekend, so if you order then it will be picked and packed on Monday and delivered on Tues.

@AndrewBerry we have considered the subscription model but are still investigating the options.

2000 calories a day. By the calculator provided it told me i need 2400 calories. Some people might need more then me. Maybe huel bag should be sold seperatly for each individual needs. Ordering a WEEK supply is not really for 1 week.

Hi @Michael it is a weeks based on the EU guidelines, 2000 cals a day times 7 days a week. Yes some people eat more and some less. We could call it a 14000 cals supply but that could be more confusing. We are considering other terms like “28 meals” these would be 500 cals meals, but again everyone uses different amounts.

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That makes sense thank you

that’s really good to know i didn’t realize it was like that already!!

@Luisa_Harris we don’t promote the free next day delivery much, so I’m not surprise you didn’t realise. This is only applicable to UK mainland deliveries which is part of the reason we don’t push it.