What to expect 2024

After having been the market leader for some time, it seems to me that Huel is increasingly struggling. While other companies add new products and flavours, and update their formulas, Huel has downsized its product range, many products, especially RTDs,are repeatedly out of stock, and there were no major formula updates recently.

So I wonder what to expect in the future - will you reduce or discontinue some of your current product lines? Or are there plans to improve the formula, add new flavours or product types, or is everything basically going to stay as it is?

And what about price increases due to inflation? Most rivaling companies have raised their prices, and Huel was the only company that tried to keep price increases at a minimum. What do customers have to expect in the new year? New updates to the pricing scheme?

They’re out of stock because supermarkets etc now sell RTD.
HUEL has a shelf life of 11 months. Why not stockpile? Then you’ll pay less than £2.50 a bottle.
If you compare that to HUEL powder, that’s not far off the powder price. £1.61 plus milk plus washing up ….

I wonder whether there will be new flavours, both for the powders and RTD. At least in my country supermarkets only offer about 2 different RTD flavours, so this is no explanation why the other flavours are also out of stock so frequently. Unfortunately I don’t like these two flavours, so buying RTDs in supermarkets is not really an option.

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What to expect? More new products, more improvements in formulations, more top customer service. That’s been my experience of 2023 at least, and no reason to expect a change.

Oh and just to correct the OP, no price increases of any kind, just an improved discount scheme to help more customers and spread the benefits more widely. Kinda baffling that Huel were able to see out 2023 without raising prices. It means a lot, to say the least. Thankyou Huel. Keep on keeping on.

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It’s true that whether someone perceived the changes as a downgrade depends on the country and the products that one uses.

The gluten-free range has been reduced to three flavours, and the best flavour has been discontinued.
RTDs are only available in large supermarkets, and usually only two flavours that I don’t like.
And at the website they are repeatedly out of stock in my country.

I haven’t used bars so far, but here the choices have also been reduced to two flavours.

But depending on the products you prefer, your perception my be totally different, and I understand that the UK is Huel’s priority.

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I’d like to see some new flavour RTDs and powders (not just one new flavour, but multiple). Maybe the return of granola, or even some kind of Huel porridge oats which can be heated in the microwave and have a low GI and similar macros to a bowl of rolled oats.

I’m just happy Daily Greens is finally launching, so I’ll not be as pressuring towards Huel this year after getting my wish :grin:

Their sales figures would probably beg to differ

Brands do not have any say in what ranges or flavours retailers carry – that’s 100% down to the retailers buying team – either at a national, regional or local levels.

The flavours weren’t reduced – the product line was replaced and it’s reasonable to expect other flavours will be introduced over time.

based on what

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This tbh ^