Why are the best flavours of huel RtD always out of stock when I go to buy them? Ended up getting the hot and savoury bolognaise and the huel bar selection box along with a box of chocolate RtD to try last time instead of the RtD that I wanted I spent £80 and I didn’t like the huel hot and savoury or the huel bars so that was about £50 just wasted, huel needs to improve their logistics so that the stock people actually want is going to be available, 3 times I’ve went to order now over the past 2 and a half months and the flavours I’ve wanted have been out of stock sick of wasting my money trying your worst products those huel meal bars just taste like peas and have the worst texture and the hot and savoury is hit or miss and when you miss the flavour puts you off completely, going to give it a few days for the RtD to come back in stock and if it’s not then you’ve lost a customer there’s other companies who do similar RtD products for cheaper that I’d rather try than wasting so much money on something that I might not even like

Hey Marcus, I’m really sorry that you haven’t been able to try the flavours that you want to. It’s unlikely that the flavours you want will be back in stock online in a few days as I’ve mentioned here: Very little RTD in stock? - #12 by Dan_Huel

You can find a greater variety of RTD flavours in retail currently, we have a store locator which can help find the nearest retailer to you that stocks Huel.

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Huel have been having problems with RTD stock recently which they have mentioned on the forum but they do tend to come back in stock quite quickly if you keep an eye on it. Alternatively you can order single bottles which I’ve done recently or you can get single bottles from certain stores or online supermarkets which @Dan_Huel has mentioned so there are ways of getting around the stock issues! Hope this helps :slight_smile: