My review of Huel

  1. Before ordering

So before I placed an order I noticed that Huel offers a refer a friend discount, however from testing this most of the time it isn’t honoured, I tried 56 referral codes, from a mix of sources including Facebook and WhatsApp (both of which Huel encourages you to use to share your code) none of which was honoured, and when your code is declined you will not be able to try again with the same email address, as you’ll receive the “this offer is already claimed” error message, if you use a link that says “your request is under manual review”, that means you wont get your discount code – Huel has responded to me about this, screenshots are below – interpret it as you wish

  1. Placing an order

Making an order is pretty simple and the website is well laid out and easy to understand, one thing I did notice though that the ordering system Huel uses auto-flags every order as dispatched the instant their placed, so be sure to add every item you want before checkout because after checkout you will not be able to cancel or amend your order (see screenshot below)

  1. Shipping

Shipping times are accurate (next-day by dpd in the UK) and comes very well packed

  1. Huel ready-to-drink vanilla

This is a rich and creamy vanilla flavour drink, quite sweet, not too thick definitely not a thin consistency, very easy to drink with a pleasant wholemeal after taste, not powdery or grainy – I’d describe the flavour like mixing toffee syrup with custard, very delicious and very filling

  1. Huel bars (all flavours)

Quite similar to Muesli bars, only a lot more dense/heavy – flavour quite faint but does taste natural

  1. Huel Hot and Savoury

I ordered the Masala, korma and Mexican chilli flavours – Mexican Chilli Huel is a nice not too spicy flavour more of a peppery spice that doesn’t stay for long, not what I’d call filling but would be good as a burrito or as a base for another recipe, prepared as directed by the included card and the consistency was spot on

Madras Huel is is also a great product, has the spice level of the bombay pot noodles with the taste of a tandoori style takeaway madras, would pair well with rice – the consistency was spot on

Haven’t tried the korma flavour at the time of writing

  1. Price

The cost of replacing 2 meals per day with 1 ready made drink and 1 hot and savoury meal for 3 weeks on a subscription basis is at the time of writing £109.80 which works out at £36.60 weekly, discounts are available for students and NHS staff

  1. Conclusion

Huel is a great meal replacement product and ideal if your vegan or looking to give a vegan diet a try, the flavours are great and very easy to prepare, the only downside being the minimum order size and price, Huel would benefit from offering a “starter bundle” of 1 full sized bag of drink powder and 1 full sized bag of Hot and savoury powder (with scoops, pot, shaker etc) to allow customers to try the product at a lower entry price


Thanks for the review! Are you going to be continuing having Huel as part of your weekly meals?

Yeh, definitely going to continue using huel - I do have quite abit of the hot meals and drinks to get through so probably be about a month before I place another order

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