New Protein

I’ve been ‘cutting’ my Huel with Whey protein for about a year now. My calories are 90% (unofficial) from Huel, excusing the one or two treat/unavoidable restaurant meals a week. I was excited to see they have launched a protein powder, especially more effective than Whey!

What does the community think about this? I’ve read the T3 review and it seems really encouraging. Honestly, I find H&S to be a little expensive (albeit delicious) but the protein is priced perfectly.

Excited to try it!

Seems like an obvious and very smart move, but I do find it a little strange that it has less Protein than mainline, whilst still being nutritionally complete.

Huel White: 29g
Huel Protein: 20g
Huel Black: 40g

It’s an interesting juxtaposition which makes me wonder who this is aimed at, or did I miss something?

T3 article here: I tried the new, vegan Huel Complete Protein powder and I’m impressed | T3

it’s 20g per 29g serving Tristan.


Ah ok, so that’s vs 40g per 90g serving in Huel Black. Makes much more sense to me now :slight_smile:

Didn’t spot that in the article.