Difference between complete protein vs black edition

Hi, I would like to gain muscle mass, I am celiac (so protein should be gluten-free).
I don’t understand what is the best option between complete protein vs black edition.
I have bought both and the scopes are different.
It is not clear in the comparator for me.


The differences are best explained by the numbers:

But to choose which is best for your needs depends on what else you’re eating.

It depends what you want to use it for. Black Edition is like a meal shake and complete protein is a supplement - so much lower calories and amount needed.

In short.
Huel black is a complete meal so you would use that to replace a meal entirely. It has a higher protein profile than Huel white and that’s the main difference.

Huel complete protein is not a meal. It’s not designed to have in place of a meal it designed as a protein boost to your normal food intake. So for example you’d use it like a protein shake pre/post workout

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Hey! Both Black Edition and Complete Protein could be good options for supporting muscle gain - the product you choose depends on how you plan to use Huel.

As others have highlighted, Black Edition is very much a meal in terms of nutrition, supplying 400 calories and 40g of protein per 90g serving.

On the other hand, Complete Protein is more of your traditional protein supplement, supplying 20g of protein per 105-calorie serving. This is not designed to be consumed in place of a meal, and is better used when added to a meal, or consumed as a snack after your workout.

If you’d like more support choosing the right Huel for you, just give me a shout! :black_heart:

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If you want to gain muscle mass both carbohydrates and proteins are important - but the most important part is exercising right.
Just having proteins alone won’t increase you muscle mass.

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