An incredible new Bar and some changes to Bar pricing – as of November 27th

Hey guys,

Big news for you all, we’re making some a lot of incredible changes to our Bars from November 27th. I’ll do my best to be succinct as possible but hit us up with questions below. You can find a more detailed article for your region here.

Bar subscribers will receive an email later today too.

There’s no need to make changes to your subscription as it will change automatically, but if you want to, please ensure you make relevant changes to your subscriptions before the changes come in on November 27th.

This is the most important bit.

As a result of the amazing changes, there are some pricing changes - calorie for calorie the Bars are slightly increasing in price. Below is a table with an example from the UK for a 2 box subscription.

Bar v3.1 NEW Bar v3.0
Number of bars in a box 15 16
Price per bar (based on subscription for 2 boxes) £1.30 £1.48
Price for 2 boxes (on subscription) £39.00 £47.25
Price per 100kcal (based on subscription for 2 boxes) £0.65 £0.59

Now for some more detail on the incredible taste changes to the Bars too. As well as some other changes:

  • Improved Texture - it’s a massive step change, super soft and chewy texture
  • New flavours - Chocolate, Chocolate & Orange, Coffee Caramel (more on this later) and brand new Salted Caramel!
  • Chocolate Chips - delicious vegan chocolate chips instead of cacao nibs
  • Increased shelf life - from 5 months to 8 months
  • Reduced Bar size - from 250kcal down to 200kcal. So one Bar is half the size of an RTD, which makes more sense when we talk about a snack vs a meal.
  • Reduced box size - 15 Bars per box, not 16

Further info for subscribers

We have changed the minimum purchase to two boxes. As an example, the total price for two boxes is £39 on subscription in the UK. The reason is that a large proportion of the price of a box of bars is the delivery cost, however, it costs only a little more to deliver to two boxes. Therefore we can charge a lower amount per box if you buy two boxes or more at a time, because the delivery cost is spread over 30 bars instead of 15.

Further info to Coffee Bar fans

Coffee Bar has changed to Coffee Caramel. It’s a serious upgrade in taste and we think it’s better than ever. The new Coffee Caramel bars now only contain a small amount of caffeine per bar. This is because there is no longer any coffee powder in the bar. The coffee flavour now comes from a natural coffee flavouring.

Lots of information there but I hope we’ve been as clear as possible where your Bars are changing.

Any questions, just let us know below.


I know people tend to resist change and i guess this will have a mixed reception, but i for one like the sound of all these changes and am excited to try the new bars.

Unfortunately, there is no way I’m buying 30 bars of them at a time, especially before i know if i like them, so I hope they will either end up in shops or be able to add ‘testers’ to my normal powder order a bit like the RTD.

To be clear, does the two box minimum apply even if you are already sending me a big delivery of powder and granola products?


I’m sad about the price increase. :sob: They were already too expensive for me, compared to powder/granola. They are a useful product that I buy very occasionally, and I look forward to trying the new flavours.

The detailed article link seems to be nonfunctional, @Tim_Huel. edit: now fixed, ta!

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I am quite excited by the changes too…apart from the price hike as David said above. 200c size bars is good for me, and the new flavours sound great.

The link works for me…may have been updated.

Link fixed, sorry.

Awesome to hear you’re excited by the changes, the Salted Caramel is next.level.

It does mean that yes.

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Are there any significant changes in the ingredients? I see the sugar content has come down slightly.

Sounds like they are going to be even more tempting than the current bars and I look forward to trying them. Alas, due to the price increase, will have to order less often.

I was looking through the huel website (because huel is basically my life now)
It says the bars are nutritionally complete. Does that mean I could live off chocolate bars?

It also says “consume 1 to 5 bars per day”. 5 bars is only 1000 calories. If you eat 6 bars your bowels instantly rupture in an explosion of fire and shite, so unless you’re a very small boy you can’t live off them.


Could you clarify why a two-box minimum for bars is imposed even if one is ordering several powder bags? I guess the shipping cost argument doesn’t hold if you add the bars to the same box as the powder.


I know why. It’s because their ordering system is rubbish. I really hope they update it because I never require two boxes at a time, and I always get bars along with other products.

The powder also has a two-bag minimum. They could change it to a minimum parcel weight, so we could order one bag and one box of bars if we want.

Maybe put all Huel products on a single page in the store, so we can select everything we want to order in one go and you can calculate if the order is large enough. But maybe that overcomplicates the order process?


I hate change :joy:

I loved the 3.0 bars: the texture is perfect for me, and the removal of the chicory root fibre meant I could eat them more regularly.

I have to admit though that the new range of flavours sounds great, the increased shelf life is much better (although if you have to buy two boxes that kinda cancels out the benefit!!!), and I also think 200calories per bar is better.

@Tim_Huel I’ve read the article but can you tell me, is the 3.1 bar low GI and low FODMAP?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s a nice gesture for current one-box subscribers in the email, so I’m definitely going to try these soon.

Hi @Tim_Huel I am not getting emails and can’t find where to correct this. Can you help please?

I was excited to see the new flavours, and the fact that these will be chewier, but as others have said, I’m not keen on the two box minimum when adding to an order. It’s partly the larger initial outlay, but it’s also the worry I won’t like them!

A real pity that the coffee flavour is being discontinued - it was the only one I really liked. And I’m not keen on caramel so the new flavours don’t appeal at all. I’ve brought forward my subscription to get two final boxes of v3.0 coffee bars, but that will probably be it…

I would love to ditch the Jimmy Joys plenny bar, but they are better in every aspect.

Not convinced by the size/kcals and price.

Right now I wont order it as the minimum order is too high. Could you send a 3.1 bar to test it to older Huel Bar suscribers like me on my next order?

Any plans to create a big bar of 400-450 kcal?

We don’t anticipate this impacting many people, very few people order Bars in with other products, generally we see Hueligans ordering one product or the other. It’s a decision we’ve taken for a ton of reasons. Essentially we think the impact of doing so is low.

If you’re a subscriber to Bars then it would be best to reduce the frequency of your Bar delivery. i.e. if you were ordering 1 box every 2 weeks, now order 2 boxes every 4 weeks.

We could do it a number of ways, but ultimately each of them have their pros and cons. Every one would have adverse impact one set of customers. We have to choose what we think is best for most of our customers and this was the decision in this case

So pleased you think so Christina, we know some here wanted bigger bars, but the vast majority wanted smaller snack size bars. The new flavours you will love and I wouldn’t say the buying two boxes cancels out the shelf life, unless your eating less than one Bar per week.

I’ll find out on GI and FODMAP, because they haven’t been made yet I don’t think we know this. We don’t anticipate much change from current Bars on GI and FODMAP (low GI, not low FODMAP)

There aren’t any plans, I know you’re super keen for these massive Bars, but it’s not something outside the forum we have heard a demand for. I’m sorry, I know you’re disappointed. We have always talked about these Bars as a nutritionally complete snack not meal. A 200kcal snack is ideal. We received a lot of feedback that 250kcal was too much for a snack. You can see from this thread already that the feedback is split. Thanks for your feedback though.

I’m confused, the v3.1 Bars haven’t been released yet? Do you just mean our current bar? These news ones are a massive step change.

We’ve totally revamped all the flavours. I think now there will be way more than one flavour you like :raised_hands: Don’t be so quick to rule them out!

I’m checking in with the CRM team to see what’s going on. I see you have an active Bar subscription. I know you would have Bee, but for anyone else with Active Bar Subs, just check spam folders etc first.