Can we buy less bars please?

I want to try all of the bar flavours and bring them into my diet, but doing so will cost £69.75

That’s a fair price for the quantity, but way more than I want to spend on snack bars in a month (besides not needing 48).

Will you ever consider allowing smaller purchases, perhaps 5 bar packs, or a variety pack with 5 of each in?


I imagine it’s all down to the packaging process, but I would additionally be down for trying a multipack of flavours in a regular box too!

There used to be 5 bar packs.

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We’re definitely thinking of ways to do this. Love the idea of a multipack too. We’re on it :+1: Sorry for the inconvenience.


I would also like a mix pack to try the different flavors :slight_smile:

Perhaps there could be a forum special where we could pay a little extra for a hand sorted order? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: