Bars taster pack?

Any chance of a taste pack of the bars? Something like 2 of each flavour for £12.
Or even a mixed box of 16 at full price?

£27 is quite a commitment if you’ve no idea which flavour you prefer.



Something similar is on the cards but it would likely be a 16 bar box of all flavours. Nothing concrete yet though. Sorry that the price of a box is putting you out somewhat though.

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It’s more the volume than price (for me anyway) because the price per bar works out great, it’s just getting 16 of something without knowing whether I’ll like them or not that puts me off.

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Thanks @Tim_Huel - that would solve it for me. I’ve been drinking Huel since 2015 so I’m all in, I just want to try all the flavours before I buy a full box of an individual flavour :slight_smile: Its not the price per bar that puts me off, its buying a box of bars that I don’t like the taste of. Having the mixed box would be perfect for me.

Surely, you could sell a sample pack of 3, but available only as an add on product to a normal order. I recently ordered a box each of 2 of the 3 flavours and low and behold 1 bar out of the first box and it was frankly inedible and could not be any further from delicious for me. Now I can’t afford to open the other box to try that too as it would make both boxes “unreturnable”, making me about £50 down if I don’t like it. I really think your returns policy is inappropriate to orders for bars without the ability to order a smaller amount at all. I feel a bit like I’ve been mugged.