Huel bars - what to do with them?!

Hi all, recently joined the Huel revolution after recommendation from a friend. I am using the Black Huel and H&S, and thought I’d give the bars a try, choosing the mixed flavours option since without knowing which flavours I’d like, it would be silly to buy a whole box of just one flavour. Slightly concerned that I had to buy two boxes in one hit, as I don’t have a good track record with this type of ‘healthy’ bar, but thought it would be ok.

Wrong! I tried my first one today, and (no offense to people who like them) it was one of the most revolting things I’ve ever eaten. Well, half-eaten, as I couldn’t bring myself to finish the bar.

It’s not the taste so much, as the texture (it’s exactly why I don’t like things like the Nakd bars), which I presume is the pea protein. I honestly couldn’t bring myself to finish even half of the bar before throwing it away.

Trouble is, of course, I now have (all bar the one bar) two whole boxes that I will never eat. That’s a significant amount of money I can’t afford to throw away! This is exactly why I agree with the calls for ‘taster’ products. I have found ways to make the Black protein shakes palatable, but there’s no way I can make these bars edible for me. What do I do now?

Incidentally the Korma H&S I found very nice (with a judicious dollop of extra sultanas) - I cannot have any of the other flavours as they all contain either chilli or garlic, both of which I’m highly intolerant to. Any thoughts of making more flavours without either of these two ingredients, please??

you can buy bars as singles either adding to your cart or through various retail outlets - however as you already have some now, you can return them for a refund:

'Any unopened boxes of Ready-to-drink, Bars and Flavour Boost Taster Packs can be returned to us for a refund.

For opened boxes of Ready-to-drink and Bars, you will be refunded on the amount of bottles or bars you send back to us, not the amount you bought the whole box for.’

Thanks Phil, I didn’t see that they could be returned. I couldn’t buy single bars, since I wasn’t ordering anything else at the time - I didn’t want to buy another three bags of either the powder or the H&S, since I already have three of each! It would have been nice if they could be bought individually - but then I feel that of the whole range, I would much prefer not to be forced to buy three (of anything) at a time.

no worries Helen - the details on the returns procedures are here.