Yet another thread about samples

I do understand the reason behind why sample packs aren’t available, buuuuut wouldn’t it be nice if new flavour samples could be added to a subscription? As I know I’ll find a way to use the whole bag of original vanilla, even if I end up not really liking the taste, I’ve changed my subscription to include a bag of exactly that, just to test if I’m missing out.

With the bars and granola it’s different for me though. If it was available I’d order a sample of each flavours to test out if it’s for me or not, but I’m not willing to order a full box of either the bars nor the granola.
Well, the bars I simply consider too expensive pr calorie and I doubt that a meal of 60g granola is as filling as a shake (I know there’s less calories in 60g, but that’s what is stated as a meal) - so for that sort of test I find a whole bag too expensive.

Agreed - a single huel bar compared with similar products aren’t exactly really expensive, but I wouldn’t buy an energy bar or the sort, but a sample bar could might convince me otherwise?

Same goes for the granola - a portion of granola I’d compare to my normal morning cereal (müsli), and then it’s too pricy in comparison. If it was to replace my dinner, no doubt it would be a cheaper choise :joy:

To sum it up - if samples had been available, powder praising scepticals like my self might be convinced to subscribe to a broader range of products (provided of course that I also fell in love with them after trying). In the future I might cave and try atleast the granola…


I’d pay for a sample pack with one of each of the bars so I could find out if I liked them before ordering a whole box.

Where do you live? I have cocoa orange bars. If you’re happy to pay £1.50 per bar plus postage I will send you a sample bar.